Friday, 31 July 2009

Early Giveaway and The best kind of shower.

In anticipation of my 100th post (this is my 96th, but the timing is right for holidays etc) I would like to offer a giveaway, as appears to be the custom. I have embroidered a tote bag using inspiration from my garden. The pocket on the front is lined with fabric that I watched being weaved at Masson Mill near Matlock - one of Sir Richards Arkwrights mills.

It will arrive in a box full of other goodies. I have popped in some seaside postcards, a couple of corsages and some felt flowers. I also found some scraps of the Ikea fabric that was designed by Cath Kidston, so I whipped up a couple of lavender bags. I knitted you an organic cotton dish cloth, and there is also a coca cola glass (that makes a rubbish drinking vessel, but a great little vase for flowers from the garden). There is a bottle of Hendo's for you to try, and a bar of Green & Blacks - for medicinal purposes!! If the winner has a crafty blog, i'll also add a little package of buttons and ribbons. So if you want to be in with a chance of winning, then just add a message to the comments, and when I get back from Norfolk, I'll draw out a winner - so you have plenty of time to enter. I do hope you win!!! (Open to all from wherever you are in the world!!)
Whilst I am away, I need you to keep an eye out for the "Perseid Shower". If you have never seen this before, you are in for a real treat. This occurs every year in and around the UK ( I don't know how far spread this is). It is basically a meteor shower - thousands and thousands of shooting stars. It is at its peak on Wednesday the 12th August, so if the skies are clear around this date, and you look up, you will see the spectacle. It is best when it is darkest, and if you have little light pollution. The best place I have viewed this from is the Channel Islands, so get ready Bumblebee Cottage. But my mum and I once lay on our front lawn at 11pm and were totally gobsmacked by the spectacle. So find yourself a loved one (human, dog or cat), pour yourself a glass of your favorite poison, and lay that blanket on the ground. Sparkling romance!
Good luck with the giveaway, and I'll see you when I get back.


Cal said...

I adore that daisy apron. And thanks for the reminder about the shower. Last time I saw it was over 10 years ago. I have put it in my diary this time. Wonderful.

Please enter me for the draw as I have people in mind who would love to share your beautiful gifts. I would keep the apron though ;>

But good luck to everyone who enters.
Have a great time in Norfolk.
Cal x

Pomona said...

Just discovered your blog - what a lovely giveaway! Hope you are having a lovely holiday - I will be looking up at the skies!

Pomona x

Tabiboo said...

A beautiful give away and 'oh' so generous.

Thank you for the meteor shower that is definitely one fot the calender and have a lovely time in Norfolk,

Happy holidays and weekend,

Nina x

ps. you didn't 'arf have me giggle with your naked rain dance comment - I'm sure your new neighbours wouldn't mind and if it makes the rain stop then I say 'go for it'

take care,

N x

Diane said...

PS - Its a tote bag and not an apron. xxx

bekimarie said...

What a great giveaway, I would love to be in with a chance.
Will look out for the shower and have a ghreat weekend.
Beki xxx

noelle said...

ooh Diane what a great giveaway! you can count me in . Will be looking for the shower. Have a great time away x x x

Poppy Cottage said...

Hello Diane. Hope you have a wonderful week. Lily and I will camp on the front lawn with the chicks to watch the shooting stars. Is it one wish per star??

The bags looks lovely, fingers crossed!!

Rubys mamma x said...

OOh yay a giveaway, that will make up for all the 'showers' we've had this weeek-the wet kind!
Love Kirsty xxxxx

Michela said...

Hi Diane! Have a lovely time in Norfolk! I've got lovely memories of my stay there!
How generous! May I enter your lovely giveaway, please? I've never guessed it was a tote bag (I'm reffering to an older post with a peak of it)!
So you've been tagged twice!
Enjoy your holiday!

pebbledash said...

Happy hols Diane! Great and generous giveaway here - love your embroidery on the tote. And I can never resist Green and Blacks...

Shabby Chick said...

Sounds wonderful, I would love to enter please! Sorry you didn't win mine :(

Mel xxx

Lisa said...

So many goodies. It's a very generous giveaway!
Hope you all have the bestest time in Norfolk and look forward to reading about it when you get home.
Lisa xx

The sewing room said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH count me in such wonderful goodies,hope l win have a great holiday we did in Norfolk and Sufolk will be thinking of you and watching the skies thanks for letting us know l did'nt know about this one how exciting a blanket on the ground hugs Pat

Blueberry Heart said...

hope you have a GREAT hollie!! make sure you have plenty 'poison' of choice to hand and enjoy!!!

Thanks for the meteor info too, I'll be on my back in the garden for sure - this time not 'poison' induced for a change!!!

BH x

Menopausal musing said...

Oooooh, count me in please...Have a wonderful holiday. x

Jenny said...

That's a fantastic and generous giveaway, the only time I ever won one the person didn't send me the goodies, despite reminders. Anyway, we shall be in Italy when you are watching the shooting stars, but we do get loads there too at this time of year. Its amazing on balmy evenings to lay on a lounger out on the terrace watching the display, I can't wait. Have a good trip.

Simone said...

Oooooohhhhh this giveaway is too good to miss! I am intrigued about the 'perseid shower' and will have to keep an open eye for it!!! Enjoy your holiday! x

Julia said...

hello Diane!

What a delectable, delicious and divine giveaway - oooh pleeeeeeaaasse do add me into the draw wont you?!

I remember a couple of years ago, me and the other half set up camp in the back yard, deckchairs, blankets and snacks and settled back to watch the star shower...however, and unfortunately - our elderly neighbour being a bit of a night owl had decided to spend that night sorting out his fruit trees and our blankety darkness was suddenley lit up like wembley stadium as the lights went on!


Better luck this year, I hope!

J xxx
(ps - have a lovely holiday)

Rowan said...

I hope it isn't raining as much in Norfolk as it is in Sheffield and that you are having a lovely holiday. I didn't know about the Perseid Shower so shall make a note in my diary and go and look for it if we get a clear sky. The tote bag is so pretty, whoever wins it will be very lucky.

Gilly said...

That is a great giveaway, Diane, you are so very generous! Don't enter me for it though, others could use those things much better than me!

Not sure I'll be lying on my back looking for the Perseids - I'd never get up again! But I will be looking!

Have a great time!

Caroline said...

Diane, hope you are having a fabulous break in Norfolk, let me know if it is indeed as flat as the Netherlands, apparently it is...
What a gorgeous tote you embroidered, I love daisies. Please count me in on your giveaway.

Lazylol said...

Lovely giveaway Diane! Have a smashing holiday x

Surfer Rosa said...

That's a very pretty bag (i love daisies). I didn't realise there is still any weaving done in Matlock ... I go there fairly regularly too!
I'll look out for the meteors - never seen anything like that before.
Happy hols

Caroline said...

Diane, I left a tag for you on my blog, if you like it you can pick it iup.

Enjoy the rest of your break.

Felicity said...

oh thanks for the reminder about the shower, and also please can you enter me in your fab give away, i hope you have a lovely holiday, fliss xx

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

This is a MONSTER give-away! Congratulations on nearing your 100th post. I'd be delighted to win - as I know the 25 people before me would be also :)

I'm not sure I'll see the showers in Indiana, but hope you all have a great view and celebrate God's fireworks wherever you are.

leley said...

Hello Diane

That's a lovely gift!! I don't know if I'm allowed to go in for the competition...but I'll try hee hee
(after all it is my birthday today)

Lesley :0)
ps have you got the young man with you?

JuliaB said...

Happy Holidays Diane! I've just had a fantastic one myself. What a fab giveaway too! AND congratulations on your up coming 100th. xx

Julia said...

Hello Diane,

I could do with some 'Green & Black' kind of medicine!!! And I love the coca cola glass and actually, all of it!! Thanks for telling us about the meteor shower - I love things like that.

Hope you're having a great holiday.

Love Julia :0)

dubgirl said...

Hi Diane, please enter me in the draw, its a mega giveaway. Have a good holiday.

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on (almost) 100 posts!

The Perseids are worldwide, I think, or at least in all of the northern hemisphere - I've definitely seen them in western Canada.

Lydia said...

Where did the bit about naked rain dancing come from? Hope you're not nudey rudey in Norfolk... Will have to try my best to see the Perseids - I am sure the 8 year old will be transfixed!

Glad you liked the bag & heartshaped goodies, thankyou for your lovely words.

Love Lydia xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Just come across your blog through Joshy And Belle.
Hope that you enjoy Norfolk! We are off to Cornwall tomorrow for two weeks in our campervan, Lexie! x

Ticking stripes said...

Count me in too please! You've started my daughter and I on a new heart shaped stone collection. Thank you - there will be plenty to look through on Suffolk's shingle beaches shortly!

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, your lovely give away puts me to shame as I still have not organised my 100th post give away and I am up to 128! Please enter me in the competition. I hope you have a fab holiday; we just arrived back from the Isle of Man two days ago. We went to visit family there and the kids had a ball – they miss everyone in Australia. Thanks for the heads up about the meteors; I have purchased a bottle of ‘poison’ specially for the occasion ;)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Diane, hope you had a brilliant time? I have a crick in my neck from staring up at the sky for the last two nights! did you tip the BBC off too? Bill Turnbull was talking about the meteors this morning!
congratulations on your 100th! clever you embroidery! brilliant!
Love Sarah x

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful tote! I love bags ..they are my favorites! Love your blog!