Monday, 6 September 2010

The foragers stroll

The Frugal Queen mentioned the other day how romantic foraging can be - let me take you on our recent forage.
We came across hazelnuts - not quite ready to pick. This tree usually only has a few nuts on here, but this year it has plenty.

Still plenty of blackberries.

We need a special trip for elderberries - such a messy job!

I quite fancy making Hugh FW's "Hoisin" or "Hawsin" sauce, but not got around to it yet.

We also found Fennel (I brought back some seeds for planting next year), apples in an old colliery orchard, and sloes.
I love our evening walks in the fields behind our house......

....but the nights are drawing in.
However, I do often get a sunset to share with my fella!

As usual, I am not looking forward to the dark nights though.


Living the frugal life in France said...

Lovely sunset pictures

Jennyff said...

We Yorkshire folk love something for nothing and its great that you found such treasure growing wild.

Unknown said...

I love Autumn, but hate the dark mornings and evenings.


Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

All terrific photos, and interesting to see what fruit is still on the vegetation at this time of year. The pathway shot through the field, though, is exquisite!

I've never seen hazelnuts growing, but I'm sure they do grow here. I love them, and my Italian friend at work keeps telling me about a pasta dish with hazelnuts that her grandma used to make...simple, but not something I should eat when trying to drop a few pounds!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Love your lanes, no neighbours..such a perfect place! :)

P.S.Sent you a thank you e-mail today!

BadPenny said...

lots of sloes on the hedgerows here. I made sloegin two or three years ago & have never tasted it ! (I hate gin & the smell of it ) Intend to make el erflower champagne next year.

harmony and rosie said...

Thanks for your best wishes to my Mother, she's doing really well thank you. x

We love foraging, it's so satisfying but I hate doing it in London because of the pollution. We always keep a stock of elderberries in the freezer as they're the best thing to ward off colds. I hope you tell us what you do with yours. Apparently that's it for the good weather, the rain's coming in now, groan!!


Louise said...

Oooo I do love a bit of foraging!
In fact I have a sketched map where I mark on the various offerings should I forget from one year to the next.
However, I did squirm a couple of years ago when my son announced to two friends who came to tea that 'my mum doesn't buy food she finds it'. I imagined horrified parents thinking I go round firking through rubbish bins outside Sainsbury's to feed their children!

Lyn said...

No neither am I!
Fantastic sunset though Diane.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a lovely walk. Just a word or warning re fennel, we have it in our garden and it goes a bit bonkers self setting in a lot of places and then is hard to dig up, mind you it smells lovely when you dig it up :-)

VintageVicki said...

Todays blog theme seems to be foraging - I've just written a similar post and have seen a few others!!

Not looking forward to the dark evening either.

periwinkle said...

I always wanted to learn more about fungi , which ones you can eat and which you can't , never been one for blackberries I'm afraid . 8.15pm tonight and it was dark - I miss light nights already ..

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Diane. Thanks for the comment. France was great and although I too love all things French, I had not stayed there before. LOve your sunset pictures they are awesome.

Twiggy said...

Must admit I love cosying up on dark nights. Any excuse to get my pjs on. We are blackberry picking this weekend, foraging down our village country lanes is just lovely.
twiggy x

Carol said...

We have a few hazelnut bushes in the garden sadly we also have squirrels so not many nuts for us!