Sunday, 14 September 2014

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

We had a full day to kill in Portsmouth before we sailed across to France in August.  Hubby had decided that the Historic Dockyard looked like a full day - and it was.  We enjoyed looking around all the ships especially the Victory and the restoration of the Mary Rose (and all the amazing relics that the underwater archaeologists had uncovered). We also loved sailing around the modern day Navy vessels that were in port - some being de-commisioned, others having re-fits. All in all a very interesting place to explore.  The last 2 photo's were taken as we sailed out of Portsmouth, before we bedded down for the night for the crossing.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Mandy Pattullo @ Hope & Elvis

I'm really behind with posting to my blog, but I will try hard this week to catch up!!

Last week, my best bloggy pal Lyn (from Everyday Life)  and I were booked in for the day at the Hope & Elvis studio's for a day with the wonderful Many Pattullo.

 We were entranced.  Mandy's work is exquisite and she is a very inspirational lady.
 She had brought plenty of her samples to give us idea's a plenty.
 What I loved about it was that it was all hand sewing and only used the teeny tiniest of scraps of fabrics - the pieces are very economical to produce and her techniques were easy to follow.
 She also brought a lot of her mixed media work to show us too.

 Louise @ Hope & Elvis provided us with a lovely lunch.

 This is my "work in progress"  I have almost finished it so I will show you the finished article as soon as I have framed it.
We had a great day as usual, and it has fired my creative mojo back up again - which can only be a good thing!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

 This evenings stroll through the park at Wentworth Woodhouse rewarded us..........

 ... with a sunset.....

 ... that just got better.....
 ...and better.

It's not often I am in the right place at the right time!!