Thursday, 5 November 2015

Poppies at Bradfield Church

Thanks to Facebook, I found out that the Church at Bradfield near Sheffield was projecting poppies onto the front this week.  Hubby and I went along this evening for a look so I thought I'd share my photo's with you.  I think the poppies are on until Sunday.

 It is such a simple but effective idea.  We thought it looked stunning.

 We discovered the pub next door was having  a bonfire and firework display with pie & peas and a pint too.  Bonus!!


Rosie said...

How beautiful and very touching and what a super idea. The pie and peas at the pub next door sounds good too:)

My Life in the Charente said...

That is amazing, thanks so much for sharing these photos. Have a great weekend t'other Diane

Bronwyn McConvey said...

Gorgeous.... and a poignant reminder that we should never forget.

Lyn said...

What a super idea and jealous you got to go to a bonfire I missed it this year....yet again! x

Lisa said...

Good old FB! What a stunning display.
You managed to make a real night out of it, no surprise there then!
Hope you had a great evening bopping away to ABC.
Lisa x

Linda P said...

Thanks Diane. The images are beautiful. After hearing about this from you we went to see them last night.

Young at Heart said...

Utterly beautiful...... hope the pies were as good!!x

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