Monday, 7 May 2012

Spring Walk

I loved our walk yesterday - it was great to be back out in the fresh air with no sign of rain!  We walked from Grindleford, via Froggatt to Calver.  En route, we saw plenty of these little chaps.

 The walk is a really good combination of hills, woods and riverside walking, with plenty to see along the way.

 There are some great spots for picnics - I'll have to try and remember them for when summer eventually arrives.

 We saw and heard lots of different birds, and also saw many species of wild flowers - milk maids are my favourite.  They remind me of being a little girl.
 The river Wye flows a deep shade of brown - tinted by the peat from the hills of the Peak District

 I love this old barn/ school room in Calver.
 We passed Calver Mill, once a 6 storey textile mill, now very swish apartments.  It also featured as the prison building in the "Colditz" TV series.
 I loved the bright red of the creeping plant on the pub wall (and yes we did go in for a swift half!)
 On our way back we passed Calver Weir which has recently been fully restored.  That must have been a job and a half!

 Looking over the gardens of the houses, we could see Froggatt Edge,
 and if I zoom in, you can see that this is a popular place for climbers and walkers getting a great vantage point over this part of the peaks.

Ive still not fully got the hang of new blogger, and it did some weird things to a few of my photographs that I had to delete, but you get the general idea of this lovely walk.  Plus I'm going to have fun messing around and see what the new version can do.


Lynn Holland said...

Thanks for the great walk round it was lovely.
I feel quite refreshed now.
Better put my iPad away and get the day started. Haha
One I Made Earlier Today

Lisa said...

Oh I bet it was so good to get out and about, and in the sunshine too!
Those climbers must have a good head for heights to be stood so close to the edge.
Did you toast the Owls with your half?!
Lisa x

Jo said...

It's so nice to have some good weather after all the rain we've had, a bank holiday too, who would have guessed it would be quite so nice. Looks like a lovely walk, and all the better when you call in for a swift half en route.

Little Blue Mouse said...

It was so nice yesterday not to have the threat of rain for a change.
Milk maids remind me of my childhood too; I don't think I've seen them since.

Kathy said...

Oh I love that walk .... the river valley is so pretty. I've been up to the top of Froggat too, to 'look at rock'!
Hasn't the weekend been lovely!

cottonreel said...

Some lovely pictures suitable for machine embroidery

Rosie said...

Isn't it great to get out and about again without too much rain. Your walk looks wonderful, I love the little lambs and your last photo with the bridge is lovely.

Toffeeapple said...

What a relief to see no rain! I enjoyed your walk, thank you for taking me with you.

Rowan said...

It's lovely round that area isn't it? I'm still steering clear of the new Blogger and shall do so for as long as I can!

BadPenny said...

Lovely walk to take us on. Just about to take Dillon out & it's very wet !

Victoria said...

I love these pics. You always capture everything so beautifully.x

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

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elaine rickett said...

You have captured the area beautifully I bet you really enjoyed the lovely scenery.