Thursday, 21 August 2014

Diary post of the Ile de Re

Forgive the picture heavy post, but as I use my blog as a diary, I wanted to put in everything that would help me remember our lovely trip to Bois Plage on the Ile de Re.   We hired bicycles for the full 2 weeks as the Island is very flat and the cycling very very easy (even for me!!).  It was a lovely way to see so much more of the Island and little towns.  They had safe cycle paths and even had a cycle taxi where you could cadge a lift for yourself and your bikes to the furthest point of the Isle so you didn't have to cycle there AND back if you didn't feel up to it.

 We cycled through vineyards or  salt marshes each morning to visit one of the 10 villages that are on the Isle - each one very different from the next.  All have a fabulous morning market (where we stocked up for lunch), and then after a look around and coffee, or a long leisurely French lunch, we would find a beach for a swim in the sea - followed by an afternoon snooze.  Leisurely days indeed.
 I had forgotten that the donkeys wear pyjama's - When they worked in the salt marshes, it was to stoo the mozzies biting their legs
 St Martins is a favourite village.  It has a lovely port and plenty of gorgeous shops.  Hubby discovered to his delight that once my rucksack was in my bike basket, you couldn't get much else in!! Saving him lots of money.

 It was warm - honest!
 The view from the clock tower in St Martins is worth the climb - but you have to remember that the French do not do "Health & Safety" to the same degree as we do in th UK these days!

 The bridge fro La Rochelle over to the Island.
 Pathways down to beaches on the southern side of the Island.

 We visited every church on the Island at some point.  One provided refuge for an hour during an afternoon storm.  It was quite an incredible experience.
 I brought back some salt - direct from the farmer.
 Hubby is keen to learn more about the occupation of the Island by the Germans in WW2.

 Each church hangs a fishing boat from the ceiling as a token.

I hope that it isn't too long before we return.


Lisa said...

Wonderful photos of your hols.
Donkeys in pyjamas, love it, sounds like a good title for a children's story book.
Is that a Minion from Despicable Me swimming behind you?!
Darn that bike basket, you needed to upgrade so you could do some serious shopping!
Lisa x

Sue Hayton said...

How fab!

Diane said...

Great post, it is a fabulous island and so much history attached to it. Yes you are right, health and safety has not gone over the top as it has in the UK !! Keep well t'other Diane

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks like a beautiful place and how great that it is so well set up for cycling around! I assume that you resolved the shopping/basket problem by putting the rucksack on your back and filling it up and your basket too!! xx

diane b said...

It looks the ideal place for a holiday. You sure did cram a lot in. Fabulous photos. Loved the donkeys in pyjamas.

Sandies' Patch said...

Lovely post Diane.
My Niece and her Hubby and kids have just got back from their holiday on an Island in France, wonder if it was the same one?
She brought back 2 types of salt, one with herbs and one without.
They bought some last year for her Mum, my (Sister), she raved about it so, my Niece bought some for me too.
It does look like a fabulous place and those 10 morning markets sound wonderful! I'd be after the rustic bread and cheese, then the fresh veg!

Rosie said...

It looks and sounds wonderful, Diane you must have come back with some special memories:)

Curtise said...

These are stunning photos, Diane, and your trip looks fabulous. I like the sound of the cycle taxi, the donkey PJs made me smile, and all the views of the towns and the sea make me want to go there right now. xxx

Gilly said...

What a fantastic place! You obviously had a marvellous holiday there on your bikes! It looks just the place I would love, but I will have to make do with those wonderful photographs! I loved the spices, I had to enlarge the photo to see what they all were!

Kim said...

Oh it looks so beautiful! How long did it take to drive from the ferry? We did the Portsmouth to St Malo crossing last year and stayed at this amazing farmhouse in the middle of a forest for two weeks - proper dark skies for star gazing. I was considering Brittany again for next summer, but my children are both water babes and would love slightly warmer sea to swim in! Gorgeous photo's xx

Lyn said...

more great photos Diane, I love France and you have captured it really beautifully here. I love the donkeys in pajamas!