Saturday, 19 September 2009

Along came a spider........

The onset of darker evenings is slowly forcing me indoors earlier and I have finally started to sew again in preperation for you know what!! I have started experimenting with corsages and brooches.

However I had a bit of a shock when this monster crawled out of my sewing box!!! Thankfully a knight in shining armour was able to liberate him into the great outdoors - I just hope he stays out.

I love this deep purple velvety pansy.

And here is one of my displays moving into Autumn. It has been filled with pebbles, sea glass and driftwood all summer, but now contains Autumnal leaves, pine cones, acorns, rose hips and "helicopters" (see below). I dont know if you can see, but there is a candle in the top which gives off a warm rosy glow as the evenings turn chilly.
Helicopters (I think that they are from the Sycamore tree, but please enlighten me if I'm wrong). I still cannot resist playing with these at this time of year. The young man and I had hours of fun when we went to pick these. Snap them in half and throw them in the air and they twirl back down to earth, just like the blades of a helicopter.


Elise said...

your corsages remind me of some of the shoes which are cropping up this winter - wonderful beading and your colours are great ! You are ahead of fashion - well done !

Michela said...

I agree with Elyse, the colours you used for your corsages are very fashionable at the moment! The large one with pearls looks great!
I love your pansy, I've bought some indigo ones and I'm going to plant them at office on Monday.
Your autumnal display is very pretty, I think tomorrow I will add some orange with alkekengi from the garden.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Girl said...

Oh my goodness what is that spider?! That's like something from another planet, I think I'd have had heart failure.

I used to love playing with helicopters when I was younger, need to go and find me a sycamore tree!

Rosie said...

Pretty colours for your corsages! Love the pansy and its pot - I quickly skipped by the spider with a shudder - there are some big ones about this year! Love your autumnal table decoration:)

Lisa said...

Eek, I would have screamed at that spider if he'd been near me!
Love the corsages.
I like your autumnal display, may get the children busy on our walks finding bits to create our very own one.
Enjoy the weekend.
Lisa x

elsy said...

love the corsage diane....will these be presents or do you plan to sell them...and please oh please no more pictures of spiders.....

Lyn said...

Autumn is well and truly here, misty mornings and a chill at night. The things that nature gives us is lovely at this time of year.
Love the corsages too!

andamento said...

Gorgeous pansy.
I was visited by a huge spider here recently too - it scurried across the floor during a late night blogging session, almost running right over my foot! Still preferable to the mice I saw another night, no doubt they'll ba back soon with the colder weather starting, unfortunately!

Pomona said...

Really pretty corsages! We are getting over-run with spiders, too, though most of them are a bit smaller than that!

Pomona x

JuliaB said...



I love your jar full of autumnal treasures. Yes they are sycamore seeds and so beautiful. What are you going to do with them? I thought that was you picking up that spider, for a minute! I was thinking how brave you are ...

Love your corsages too. Pretty colours

Bye for now

Tabiboo said...

'Eeeekkkk' that almost scared the pants off me - not quite though, thankfully!!

Nina x