Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beware of the Lion!!

On Saturday, we found ourselves with a free day - no plans - so we decided to go walking out into Matlock (where I could so easily live!).  We found a nice walk on the internet and drove out through Sheffield to this gorgeous little Peak District town.

 The walk was listed as being fairly hilly, but I hadn't realised that 5 of the 5.5 miles was UP very very steep hills, and only the last half mile was actually DOWN hill!!!

 Any one that has ever visited the Heights of Abraham will appreciate how steep the climb is - sane people take the transport up!

 Once at the Heights Cafe (for a spot of lunch and a gander at the marvellous view) I thought that was the climbing over, but no, the hills kept on coming!

 I slowed down the climbing by photographing loads of unusual fungi - this looked like sticky toffee!

 The walk led us to discover the gorgeous little village of Bonsall.  I didn't know this place existed, but we shall certainly return for more exploration.  It's a fascinating place.

 We popped into the pub for quick refreshment - The Barley Mow is the best little pub on earth!!
 Apparantly one night per week they have French lessons - I think the landlady is French.
 And I loved the mural in the ladies loo.
 But hubby doesn't let me sit for too long, and we were soon off again.  More fungi.....

 And fabulous village map....

 Finally, on our descent, hubby spotted a Lion in our path - can you see it?
 It was actually just the bracken but it really did look like a Lion, and hubby reminded me that Riber Castle nearby used to be a Zoo!
We haven't walked on our own much since we joined the walking group, so it made a change to walk and actually talk to each other.


John Going Gently said...

That first photo looks like a model of the countryside

Curtise said...

The views from the Heights of Abraham are really spectacular - but I've only ever been up there via the cable car! What a lot of odd fungi you found - and a lion too, who knew? I remember going to Riber Castle when it was a zoo, it was a rather sad, run down affair.
Fabulous photos as ever, Diane, and well done for doing such a hard uphill walk! xxx

Angel Jem said...

It's years since I visited the Heights of Abraham.... looks like I'll have to go again to find the hidden village!!
And I love the lion on the path, very cute

mondoagogo said...

What a great trip -- worth the hike so that we can enjoy it in the pictures. I love that map, with all the personal details and anecdotes, what a lovely way to bring the village to life and make it more than just a chocolate-box picture. "Pam's panshine and pickle store" sounds like something from a kid's book. The lion made from bracken does too!

btw, I just sent you an email with some Londony ideas.

Sandies' Patch said...

I bet you slept well after all that lovely fresh air and exersize?

Mac n' Janet said...

Great looking walk, I know I would have liked the pub!

Rosie said...

5 miles up and half a mile down? Thank goodness for that lovely pub - Bonsall looks interesting:)

Lyn said...

I went to Matlock at the end of August with my mum, we don't seem to go over to the Peak district much. I love your photos....the first one looks like a model village!

Jacquie said...

Great photos of an area I visited with mum a couple of weeks ago and blogged about this week.
I love your views over Matlock bath and pretty bonsall

Amy at love made my home said...

Those mushrooms are amazing! Loved the picture of the lion too! xx

Lisa said...

That was an energetic walk, you looked like you were on top of the world from the view of some of those photos. Love the lion, he reminds me of parsley from the Herbs.
I have to say some of those fungi looked, well, you know!
Another day out to be planned for the future after your discovery of a sweet looking village.
Lisa x