Friday, 15 May 2009

5 minutes of sunshine

The rain here today has been of biblical proportions - a full teaspoon of water in each and every drop!! Hubby and I took advantage of the brief 5 minutes of glorious and hot sunshine that came out at 6pm to perform our evening rutual of snail and slug hunting - oh yes, we know how to party on a Friday night!!. Hubby takes the "hunting" very seriously. Its slightly on par with big game hunting to him. I'm sure he would use a shotgun if I let him. After i'd seen what they had done to my delphiniums, I might let him!!

We were not the only ones slug hunting. He's a cute little fella - even if he made me jump!!

Blogging does make you look at things differently - Ive never taken a photograph of rain drops before.

This stuff takes me right back to my childhood - Cuckoo Spit!!

I noticed how these beauties........

have very quickly turned into these beauties. Before I blogged, I would have just thought them dead.

I only ever plant flowers and shrubs that are blue, green or cream - so how on earth does this happen!!

Any way, after 5 wonderful, glorious, delightful moments in the sun, we noticed a HUGE black cloud and then heard the rumble of distant thunder. It was however great while it lasted.
(as I blog, the sky is getting darker and the rain is lashing down again).


Anonymous said...

very nice blog!

Debbie said...

Ooh Ladies Mantle ... a lovely cottage garden plant ... mine is spreading itself out this year which I am so pleased about ... I am planning to let my chooks loose on the snails and slugs once they have settled in .... buddy things have made lace curtains out of me Hostas ... hope the wet stuff holds off for you although having said that there is something quite refreshing about the garden after a good downpour. x

Blueberry Heart said...

oh your posts make me laugh - your right - cuckoo spit takes me back too about 30 years!
Loved the spoon tip on the hasslebacks - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!! the amount of times I've sliced away through!!
BH x
PS happy slugn hunting!

Lisa said...

Lady's mantle is one of my favourites, just made to catch raindrops!
When we grew runner beans a few years ago I read that sprinkling bran around them is good for the slugs and snails as they eat this instead of your plants. Apparently they like the taste but it dries them out. Yucky!
Ta for the potato tip, will be trying that on my lot when I get back into the swing of things.
Lisa x

Julia said...

Hasnt the weather been vile today?? Although I enjoyed the thunder storm! Your garden looks lovely (and so do your hassleback potatoes by the way, Ive made these myself and I like them alot!)

I haven't been to Penistone yet, but I will put your suggestion on my list of Good Plans and seriously look at popping over. Thank you for mentioning it!

Have a smashing weekend!

love Julia xxx

Rosie said...

Diane, thanks for your welcome back. Oh I am so fed up with this rain, and now the thunder, we had a huge bit of lightening which completely buggered the tv up half way through Emmerdale, so we have pics but no sound at all! I love the thought of your hubby trying to shoot slugs with a shotgun, tell him i can bring my Kalishnikov. They are not my favourite things especially since I once found a rather large one wrapped round my kettle handle... was about 3am and think I woke the whole street with my screaming.

noelle said...

Hi Diane, sorry for your weather . we had much the same this morning ,but this afternoon brightened up quite nicely. Your garden is looking good , i especially like your slug repellent!!! My mum always did those hassleback potatoes they are just lovely. x x p.s. love singing along when i visit your blog :) x x

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, Guernsey was drowned under yesterday’s deluge as well, it only fined up in the late afternoon. Your little slug hunting assistant is cute. Now I have seen the photo of him it got me to thinking and I can’t recall seeing any frogs in Guernsey, or toad for that matter. We live quite near the coast so perhaps they just don’t like the salt spray!

Raspberry Grace said...

Thanks for your kind comment over at mine Diane :)

I do love Artic Monkeys ~ my favourite songs are You Look Good On The Dancefloor and When The Sun Goes Down.

God bless, Rasp xx

Gilly said...

Diane, what do you DO with the slugs and snails??? I can't bring myself to squash them underfoot, or poor boiling water over them either!

All I can do is encourage our toads (we have 2, one large and 1 small) and Song Thrushes. But I fear we have too many for their appetities!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, I have sent you an email, so if you could please reply with your address and I will pair you up with a partner for the rose swap.

Take Care
Love Melanie xxxxx

Shabby Chick said...

Oh yes, cuckoo spit, I remember that! Still think it's yucky now.

Thank you for your words of wisdom about the party, will have the gin ready on ice!!! You do make me laugh :)

Mel xxx