Tuesday, 19 May 2009


We are waiting for visitors to arrive. I don't have a big family, but what bit we have seems to have spread far and wide. My Aunt and Uncle have lived in Holland for well over 30 years now, but manage to get back to Yorkshire fairly often for visits. They are only staying a few days as they have friends and old neighbours to see in Oundle, Northants which is where they lived prior to their big move. The Dancing Queen has kindly offered them her room as it has a double bed in it, but also because it gets an "Aggie and Kim" style clean up - which she thinks will last her another year when they have gone!!! I thought I would show you a photograph of it while it is reasonably tidy as it is normally A TIP!!!! She is camping out in the spare room which we turned into a teenage "lounge" recently. We did this so that they could entertain their friends away from the fuddy duddies. The young man has moved back into the smallest bedroom in a high sleeping bunk bed. This just has room for his bed with a chest of drawers underneath, a wardrobe and a cupboard. It used to be my sewing room/ironing room/general dumping ground, and got exceptionally untidy. By re purposing these rooms, they seem to stay (reasonably for us!!) tidy most of the time.


Caroline said...


Tell the dancing queen that I agree with her, that clean up will last her at the very least a year, LOL! The room looks simply fab and very welcoming.
I like the fact that your aunt and uncle moved to Dordrecht, not at all a bad town to live in.
Have a great time with them.

noelle said...

hi Diane, it looks like a picture from a magazine! My eldest has moved out and gone to live with boyfriend, only round the corner so i get to see her most days but without the mess!! and i got me sewing room, good times!

Shabby Chick said...

It looks lovely Diane, I bet your guests will love it. My room as a teenager was revolting, nobody would have wanted to stay in it!!!!!!

Mel xxx

Rosie said...

What a pretty room! I think your guests will be very comfortable:)

Lisa said...

That bed looks very comfy and inviting, pretty bedlinen.

Gilly said...

What a lovely welcoming room! It just looks great!

Yes, teenager's rooms can be a tip! Its worse when they try to sort out things that they want (a big pile) and things to throw away (a much smaller pile!)

The sewing room said...

lovely room your guests will not want to leave ,my daughter gives up her room when my sister stays and she is up here at the minute which is why l am so late replying to you,the fabric shop is at 47 to 49 Doncaster road just off the high street at Goldthorpe and its called waltons fabrics they are open late on a Thursday night untill 8 l think there is quite a miss mash of materials so you need to have a good look it depends what you are looking for so good luck if you decide to go.


Lazylol said...

That bed looks lovely - I'm sure your vistors won't want to leave!

bekimarie said...

Hello Lovely

I thought exactly the same when I opened your parcel. I don't think even my closest friends could of chosen such wonderful gifts for me.
Have a great time in (hopefully) sunny cornwall.
Beki xxx

noelle said...

Hi Diane, its the Brunnion Gallery and its in Trink, a bit out of the way but very nice. If you go up towards Nancledra , just past the Engine Inn take a left and its down there not far. You can get Tea and homemade cake so its got to be worth a visit !! Got to house and cat sit for Dad this week so won't be around St. Ives a great deal. I hope you have a lovely time and you never know might just see you around! :)

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I so pleased you posted this photo as my Aunt and a friend of hers are staying with us in two weeks time. The idea of the bottled water and glasses in a lovely one so I’ll pinch it if you don’t mind. I think it is always nice to go to that little bit of extra effort to make guests feel welcome. Thanks again.