Sunday, 31 May 2009

St Ives

We have been on holiday to St Ives in Cornwall at least 1 week every year (I once managed to get the family to agree to 4 weeks!!). It sort of feels like our place now - the place where we can enjoy each others company with no outside interference. It really felt like that this time as the kids spend a lot of their time when we are at home with their friends now, so it was great for us to be totally together this week. They may be grown up, but they still loved digging in the sand, rock pooling and playing cards on an evening outside of the tent. I love camping. I am an outdoorsy sort of person and the fact that you get to live virtually outdoors 24 hours a day is very appealing. Hubby says I would make a good gypsy!!! We were blessed with good weather at the start of the week, ok weather midweek and then great weather at the end of the week. I am now sporting a very healthy looking tan (and a bit of a burnt tummy!!! When you have a big tummy, its very sore!!). Any way, these are a few of my photo's.

One of the reasons I love Ayr Campsite (pitch 74 Claire - in the far field) is the view from my tent!! Simply stunning and very peaceful.

I told you that she dances everywhere. Is it Street Dancing if you are on a pier?
Are we weird because we have a "favorite grave in the whole world"?? We often wander back through the grave yard after a day on the beach (we have a bit of a thing for looking for war graves!) and we found the grave of Alfred Wallis - famous St Ives artist and fisherman a few years ago. I believe his grave was "tiled" by the famous potter Bernard Leach.

I love rock pools and the water around St Ives is very clear.

Porthmeor beach with the tide in around 7pm. The silvery light was stunning and the waves very spectacular.

Traditional "calendar" shot of the Sloop Inn - always far too crowded to be enjoyed in summer.

I thought that this boat in the harbour looked eerie on the very still water.

Walking up from the harbour on our last day. We didn't leave until 5pm as the weather was very hot and we didn't fancy being stuck on the M5 with everyone else.

Ive already booked my pitch for next year.


Gilly said...

Beautiful place. Its so good to get to know somewhere well and go back again and again. We used to do a lot of camping when my daughter was smaller, but things had to change, and now we are "cottage-self-catering" types!

bekimarie said...

Looks like the perfect holiday, so pleased you had a great time.
Love the 'pier' dancing 'hehe'!
Beki xxx

Lyn said...

We came back yesterday from Cornwall, Hubby's first visit. We had such a lovely time. I have not managed to post about it yet but you seem to of had a great time too!

Art Space Gallery said...

Home from home on your blog, love the St Ives photos! Thanks for visiting and commenting on the Art Space blog Diane, I hope that when you next visit St Ives you'll pop in and say hello! Best wishes.


Lazylol said...

Lovely pictures Diane, what a beautiful place. /sounds like you had a fab time.

Lisa said...

So pleased to read that you all had such a great time.
Wonderful photos, love that silvery light on the water.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

St Ives, how wonderful - it looks like you had a super time, Diane - great photos - it must be over 10 years since we last visited St Ives and Cornwall seeing your photos has made me want to go back again:)

summerfete said...

Ditto ditto ditto pitch 60 something,
next to the shed with the housemartins!

Julia said...

I am so happy to read that you have been to my favourite little place and had such a fabulous time!! I cannot believe the spectacular place you camped - now thats what I call a room with a view!!

Lovely pics, really enjoyed seeing them (I hope your sunburnt tum is soon better, I have terribly burnt shoulders after a long weekend on the South Wales coast helping tot make pools by the sea and sandcastles - ouch!!)

Sending love
Julia xxx

louise said...

I've just discovered you from Summerfete. Your photos are fantastic! I love Cornwall and St Ives is next on our list of places to visit whilst down there. I love art pottery so I would very much like to find out more about Bernard Leach. Your daughter's break dancing is great! x

cathleen said...

St. Ives is beautiful, Diane. How I wish I could visit there. Your pictures are gorgeous!

Tabiboo said...

Gorgeous pictures Diane, I've never been to St Ives - in Cornwall that is!! It looks absolutely idylic.

take care,

Nina x