Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ive found a use for my big brown belly!!

My Uncle and Aunt who live in Spain now were visiting South Yorkshire for a wedding, so I invited them round for breakfast (it was my only window of opportunity today!!) My sis and her hubby came round and brought my Mum too. My Uncle and Aunt also brought my cousin , his wife and 2 children who live in Berkshire and Ive not seen my cousin since he was about 5 years old (can't really call us a close family can you!!). Any how, it was bacon butties all round and we had a great morning.

Then it was off into Sheffield for the young man and me (hubby at work). After the debarcle on the tram (previous post) we went to watch the dancing queen who was taking part in "Chance to Dance" organised by Sheffield City Council in an attempt to get us all interested in keeping a bit more fitter. They were very energetic on such a hot day.

I loved these ladies, and i'm even thinking of going along for a lesson or too. They were the belly dancers and I loved their jingly bra's and costumes.

They invited us all to join in - thats me in the green trousers (doing something different to everyone else!!!!)

Then it was back home and the young man insited on having the paddling pool filled. Can you tell what he and his friend are doing?

Watching the tennis.


Lyn said...

It looks far too energetic for me! Well done thouigh for having a go!!!
Love Lyn

Poppy Cottage said...

Looks like you had fun. i have a friend who Belly Dances. She says it is such a great (and fun!) way of getting fit. No chance for me, TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many stretch marks!!! Ha Ha!!

p.s, really like the music playin on your blog.

bekimarie said...

Go you! Well done, you really should give it a go properly if it interests you.
Jess done a bit at school and loved it.
Beki xxx

Lazylol said...

Good for you - I fancy a go at that myself!

Lisa said...

Go for it, it looks like such good fun!
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun today after the trials of earlier in the week and all the rain. Your breakfast party sounds lovely:)

lesley said...

I was thinking the boys had their teeth round the stopper & were going to let the water out!! Ha ha..should have sussed it having a boy in the family!! excellent! :0)