Monday, 1 June 2009

A puzzle.

How can you have too much of something at the same time as having not enough of the same thing?? Well, i'll tell you. When that thing is "pounds". I have come home from holiday with too many pounds (lbs) around my middle and not enough pounds (£) in my purse. Drastic measures are called for in both departments. I do realise that the opposite to my prediciment is to be Victoria Beckham - which I would hate. I love the challenge of being frugal, making inexpensive but tasy meals and making my own fun. I don't however like trying to lose weight. As my mother would put it Ive "let myself go"!!! My summer skirts don't fit and I look very bloaty. So the challenge to myself is on. I'm aiming for a stone off before my next jaunt away. I'll let you know how I go on.

My "baby" will be 14 years old on Friday. He is a lovley young man although his dad says I have made him too soft!! He loves anything car related and his favorite day on holiday was when we took him to Jeepers Karting in Hayle for the morning. It has changed hands since last year, and now the track is bigger, the karts are newer and it looks a load more dangerous to me, but to the young man, it was "ace". It drizzled a bit when we got there, which made the track a bit slippier, which caused him to skid into tyres twice and completely leave the track in spectacular fashion on one occasion. He thought it was great, I was glad when his tme was over!! We have gotten him a really great suprise for his birthday, I think he will be bowled over when he knows what it is.


bekimarie said...

Good luck with losing the pounds, I have a few (ok a lot) to lose myself.
Isn't it funny how they will always be our babies, my biggest baby was 20 last week, still my baby none the less. My youngest is only 16 months and runs me ragged, i'm getting too old lol!
Wish your baby a very 'Happy Birthday' from me and I hope he has a great day!
Beki xxx

The sewing room said...

Looks like you had a great holiday and your campsite looks great too oh l have quite a few pounds to lose as well our holiday is in july and time is running out fast l will have to start soon.


Lisa said...

Good luck with the weight loss.
I bet your son found that wholw experience absolutely thrilling. I'm not sure how calm I would have been watching had it been my baby!
Lisa x

lesley said...

Hello Diane,
I'm on the "loose some weight" thing,
hence the reason for healthy meals on the blog, I'm good all week, but come the weekend I spoil myself a little...not too much though & I've lost 5lbs, so that's encouraging.
We used to take our son Matt karting at Ryehouse when he was 14, he absolutely loved it!! Good family stuff :0)

noelle said...

hi Diane, its quite weird seeing pics on your blog of places i see all the time!!!! We have been to jeepers quite alot, good fun! Happy Birthday to your baby! And good luck with that diet thingy! x x x have a great day:)

Rosie said...

good luck with trying to lose weight - it being warmer should help as salads and fresh fruit are plentiful - trouble is it's also ice-cream weather :)

Gilly said...

Yes, I could do with losing more than a few pounds! You seem to have had a great holiday, especially your son! They grow up so fast now, my two grandsons at 17 and 19 are men now!

Felicity said...

Hi Diane
Im trying to loose a few pounds before we go on holiday to st ives!!! I love st ives too, i often day dream about having a big house there with a cottage garden and veg patch, sewing room, walk down to the beach every morning, oh it would be lovely!!
felicity xx

Lyn said...

I blame those lovely Cornish Cream teas myself-I too need to get rid of some unwanted lbs and could do you some more of the other type of pound! The go-karting looks fun!!

Lazylol said...

Happy Birthday to your lad for Friday!

I know what you mean about the pounds. I am dieting (as always) and I also love to be frugal (but only for a little while). It is surprising how much you can save if you put a little effort in.
I am a devil for buying well known brands but earlier this year I swapped a few to supermarket own brands. I have saved quite a bit and not noticed the difference. On washing podwer and loo roll alone I now save £6 a week!

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I dread when my son turns 14 as in Guernsey they are allowed to get a motorbike licence and that makes me feel sick with worry just thinking about it. I know they have to grow up but groups of fourteen year olds on bikes paints a bit of a scary picture. In answer to your question a ‘sticky beak’ can be a person who is curious or puts their noses in where they do not belong or you can say you had a ‘bit of a sticky’ which means you had a look at something. I suppose I count as a sticky beak as I love to read other people’s blogs;)