Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Not a snow flake in sight!

I was tagged by HenHouse and also by Joanne to show you my favourite photo. So I had a flick through my last years photos, and I stopped when I got to this one. The photo quality is not brilliant, but its the emotion that it evokes for me (and possibly for Claire I bet too!). The view is of Porthmeor beach in St Ives Cornwall, as taken from outside of my tent, just as the sun starts to set and illuminate the town. If I am not actually on Porthmeor beach, saluting the sunset, then I am to be found sat outside of my tent, after a hard day on the beach, with a glass of vino collapso in hand, contemplating on just how good life is.

Penny also asked us to list 10 things we like that are FREE. Off the top of my head these are currently:

1. Mornings where I don't have to use the alarm clock to get up!
2. Family film night in - getting rarer these days as they both have busy social lives, and following on from this,
3. Laughing at my kids when they laugh uncontrollably at something they find funny on tv or in a film (usually a rude word in the case of the Young Man!)
4. A long walk somewhere beautiful or interesting.
5. A snog with my hubby - best kisser in the world
6. Days when it is so hot I never move out of my back garden
7. Spotting shapes in the clouds
8. Flicking through a pile of gardening magazines that my lovely neighbour thought I might like as she was throwing them out! (Remember the pile I liberated from her recycling pile? Well she just passes them all on to me now!)
9. Looking back through old photos - especially of when the kids were little - time flys so fast!
10. Blogging and reading all your blogs.

Feel free to pick up either of these tags as I don't want to burden anyone, but would love to know more about you.


pebbledash said...

Ha! St Ives has indeed been covered in the lovely white stuff, though a little less than those of us on the south side of the peninsula. That evening glow is unbeatable.

Jenny said...

Such a beautiful view and I'm glad you didn't select a snowy scene as your favourite.

bad penny said...

I thought I was on holiday looking at this... I am SO going back to Cornwall... WeeMan wants to go surfing... We holidayed there in February once - (well we did live in Spain at the time so didn't crave sunshine !! )

Lovely list ... you SNOG your hubby ? don't let mine read this !!!!

JP said...

love your 10 things - made me think - you don't need lots of money really do you!?


Hello ... hello! I'm home. The sun is shining here today, no snow as you rightly say! Not a single snowflake and around 5 degrees ... wooooo hooooo! The harbour looked very pretty today but I was in the car so no photos

Have a lovely week


Tabiboo said...

A beautiful picture and 'aahhhhhh' sunshine - bring on the Summer (and Spring)!!

Kate said...

It's a beautiful photo, Diane, and a view I know very well - I spent my childhood living in Penzance. My parents live there still and the view from the house is of St Michael's Mount.

Kate x

Rosie said...

Lovely photo, Diane - so cheering on a cold, wet day! I have very happy memories of childhood holidays in St Ives and the old house of the lady we stayed with for B&B. Like your ten free things:)

Kate said...

Hi Diane

I'll put your request forward to my parents - they do like lots of visits so you never know!!

Anonymous said...

One of things I like about blogging is discovering people that like so many similar things :o)
I really enjoyed reading through Your list and was nodding in agreement a lot of the time.