Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Come step into 1975 with me.  Looking back and checking on Wikepdia I discovered that it was your average sort of year.
Terrorism was rife(IRA and rogue German factions),  wars happening (Vietnam), bent politicians (Watergate trial) etc  etc.  Most of this was of no interest to me at the time.  All I cared about was, who was No1 in the charts, and the influx of "fresh meat"   that had arrived at the school youth club when the 2 Catholic boys that had been expelled from their school to ours brought along their pals!  Such excitement!

I find that this song always cheers up a dull January day.  Sing along.



John Going Gently said...

Airport 75...The Towering Inferno and tropical fish
That's all I remember

Curtise said...

Ha, memories eh?! I was 11 in 1975, I don't remember much of significance about that year. But the pop music? Yes, I remember all the songs, including January! Check out this list, Diane;
Remember them? Some shockers and some crackers!
Hope the naughty Catholic boys and their mates were worth all the excitement! xxxxx

Diane said...

1975, 10 years after Rhodesia had declared UDI peace talks were still not working. A couple of years later I moved to South Africa.

I saw the Towering Inferno about 3 times! Keep well Diane

Down by the sea said...

That song takes me back, I'm afraid I had to sing along too!
Sarah x

June said...

I remember the song too. I have to say I'm humming as I'm typing!

Lisa said...

I remember this! Were they a one hit wonder?
Lisa x

Rosie said...

I remember that song, too. I was 25 in the August of that year and spent three days in London for my birthday - we went to see 'A Little Night Music' and 'Travesties' - I can't remember what theatres they were in, and ate in Cranks and Oodles restaurants:)

Jo said...

I was 7 in 1975 and don't have any particular memories of that year. Thank you for letting me know about the cafe at Elsecar Park, we'll definitely call in when we go.

elsy said...

i left school that year and damn you i have that song in my head now! x

Lyn said...

I've been singing January all day! X