Friday, 21 August 2009

Berries, Barbies and a CanCan dancer

Its been lovely of an evening for a stroll this week. The Blackberries are just ripening, so on my walk, I gathered a few tubs,
Raided my orchard for some apples (I only have 1 very small apple tree, but I refer to it as the orchard - delusions of grandeur!!)
and produced Apple and Blackberry Crumble. I still use my school recipe for this, but I substitute half of the flour for porridge oats, and I sweeten it with honey instead of sugar. We ate ours with Double Cream! (and she wonders why she can't lose weight!)
It seems quite a few of you have been doing the same!!
Do you remember me telling you that I have "Womble" tendancies? Well this is my latest "find". Camping used to be for families that needed a cheaper holiday, however campsites these days are full of families who look as if they have spent a small fortune on equipment. Often, they buy a barbecue to use for the duration of the holiday, then dump it so they dont have to bother cleaning it or transporting it home. This vision in pink had only been used once before I liberated her from by the huge wheelie bins - much to the disbelief of hubby and the young man who just rolled their eyes at me. If its good enough for Kirsty Allsopp......!!!!!
And finally, I came home from my holiday to find this total and utter beauty had flowered in my absense. She is very tall - almost 7 feet and her flowers remind me of the skirts of CanCan dancers. I am a huge fan of Hollyhocks.

We are off on a big night out tonight - another open air concert so I hope the rain holds off. Enjoy yourselves - the weekend starts here!!!


Michela said...

...and then you blame me for my recipes! ;)
Have a fantastic weekend!

Pomona said...

What a wonderful find! It seems unbelievable that something like that could be thrown away.

Pomona x

Lyn said...

mmmm Blackberry and apple crumble what a good idea! Im afraid Hubby Will insist on custard with it!

Lisa said...

The colour of those berries in the crumble is wonderful!
How could anyone use the BBQ once and then dump it, that's awful, though a plus for you!
Hope you enjoy your evening.
Lisa x

Tabiboo said...

Snap - we've been blackberry picking today though we didn't make it into a pie!!

Absolutely with the BBQ though I'm not as brave as you, i'd send my hubby in the bin for it - well that's what there for, aren't they?

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

The Girl said...

Excellent foraging - Kirstie would indeed have been proud!

Hope the concert goes well for you tonight - don't forget to let me know who headlined!

Julia said...

mmmmmmmm that crumble looks divine and as I'm dieting (again) via cyber space is the best way for me to appreciate it me thinks - enjoy!!

Julia :0)

Felicity said...

your crumble looks lovely, my friend has just given me a great big bag of pears from her garden!! pear crumble! fliss xx


It must have taken you ages to pick all those blackberries, worth it though. The crumble looks delicious. I still use tried and tested school recipe books and a "Good Housekeeping" book I was given aged 15. The old ones are the best!

Hope you had a great holiday!


Karens Hopes said...

We managed to pick a few blackberries this weekend not as many as you though, still a lot to ripen maybe in a couple of weeks.
I'm new to blogging would you pop over and say hello ?