Thursday, 20 August 2009

Blogger Date

Today was a very special day for me - I met my very first real live blogger!! I met Lyn. Lyn had emailed me and told me she was coming through to Sheffield, and did I fancy meeting up after I had finished work.

The cakes were very sickly, but we managed them!!!


Lyn had made me a fabulous corsage and I am going to wear it tomorrow. She also bought me a lovely heart. Thanks Lyn, I love them!!

I told Lyn that I was a bit wary at first about meeting another blogger because:

A. I know someone who blogs, and the persona they portray in their blog is nothing like the person they really are.

B. I had a French penfriend in school (old fashioned blogging!!). Whilst the rest of my class got to go and stay with theirs, my mum wouldn't let me go. I gave my friend a present to take for "Sylvianne", but it turned out that Sylviannes family were the "bugsy" family of the town and no body went near them for fear of catching nits!! There was never indication of this in the letters - perhaps something got lost in translation.

C. As my 14 year pointed out, Lyn may turn out to be a paedophile, rapist, murderer, sex trafficker.

We did the sensible thing and met in a public place and told everyone where we were going, and fortunatley she turned out to be none of the above - infact she is very very lovely. We both wore handcrafted brooches to make ourselves identifiable (many thanks Collette for mine - more of which in another post.) I felt like I was going on a blind date!! We nattered and gossiped for ages without drawing breath and never had a pregnant pause!! It was like talking to an old friend and not someone I had just met. Many thanks Lyn, I really enjoyed it and hope we can meet up again soon.

We had picked a really busy day to meet in Sheffield as Mr Bono and his U2 band are appearing at a massive concert at Sheffield Stadium. I passed the venue on a very crowded tram on my way home and I have to admit that whilst I can take or leave U2, I wished I had bought tickets - it looked really exciting. Its hubby's first day back at work after our holidays today, and as luck would have it, his first day back involves working at the U2 concert which will enable him to see most of the concert for free!!! And he calls that working!!


Lydia said...

Lucky you & Lynn - So glad to hear you had a lovely time! Mmm that cake looked scrummy too....


Lyn said...

Oh Diane! What can I say?
Excellent cake, good gossiping, great gifts, just like meeting an old friend, I mean long standing friend!!!
Thanks for today and You beat me on the blog post!

Michela said...

Isn't it lovely to meet up another blogger? Lyn have to be such a lovely person!
I met an English blogger too, but I wasn't so scared as you!
P.S.Italian food IS healthy...why not???
P.P.S. Mr.Bono is so cool! How lucky your hubby!

Shabby Chick said...

That's so lovely! I've never met up with another blogger yet but your experience sounds great.

Mel xxx

Poppy Cottage said...

Oh I am so chuffed. My two favourite bloggers met. (wish I could have been there to share that cake.)

Hall way tiled and grouted so I shall be back on to blogging!!

See you soon.

C x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Diane, thank you so much for the Peter Kaye words of wisdom! I had a really good chuckle with Him Down the Lane, excellent therapy, much appreciated Down the Lane!
Glad you and Lyn had such a lovely cake - chat, those are absoloutely the best meetings! :D Sarah x

The Girl said...

How lovely to meet another blogger - plus it gives you a something to write a post about which is always good!

My boyfriend works in Sheffield and worked from home today so as to avoid U2 traffic - I dread to think what time he'd have made it back to Hull otherwise!

Susie's country cottage said...

Hi Diane
Thanks for visiting my blog. How exciting to meet up with one of your fellow bloggers. Lovely broaches.
Susie x

Sue said...

Ha ha I did laugh about the possibility of Lyn being a paedophile or sex trafficker... her blog would certainly be excellent cover for such activities as you'd never guess in a million years! I too have met a couple of bloggers in real life and found it to be a really lovely experience and such fun. Well done for being brave (and glad she didn't have nits ;-))

Lisa said...

How exciting! It must have been a bit nerve wrackign wondering how the meeting would go, but cake, coffee and non stop chatting seem like an ideal 'date'!
Fab brooches and corsages too.
Lisa x

Tabiboo said...

Strange how the imagination works - though I'm glad you had a lovely day and all turned out well. And as for those sickly cakes - mmmmmmm!

Nina x

Julia said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time! I know what you mean though about being wary - it can go either way cant it and you can find yourself in the clutches of a boring or scary person yet on the other hand you can be one step away from a tremendous new friendship! I once met a lovely young woman from Suffolk who I got to know through a forum, and she is such a caring and generous soul - we met 3 years ago and are still in touch now!

Love Julia xxx

Rosie said...

Sounds like you had a great time together and enjoyed your meeting once you had got over your anxiety about meeting a fellow blogger:)

lesley said...

I'm glad things turned out well for both of you..yes it is a bit scarey to meet for the first time, but isn't the www a great place when things like this happen! :0)

Flower Girl said...

Hello Diane, Sounds like you both had a lovely time...great weather, gorgeous cakes and good company - fabulous combination! Rebecca x


So glad you had a nice experience. Lyn sounds lovely blogger.

Lucky hubby getting to see U2 for free!

Have a great week!