Saturday, 15 August 2009

If your fond of sand dunes and salty air.....

We have had a brilliant 2 weeks in Norfolk. We stayed at a wonderful campsite call Clippesby Hall which is in the Broads National Park.
This has been my Home sweet Home for the last fortnight. The weather has been very very kind to us. It has been really warm for the whole 2 weeks, with genorous amounts of sunshine - I am sporting a very fetching tan!!. It only rained twice, and both these times were during the night, so we have been exceptionally lucky. We have swum, cycled, canoed (fabulous!!!) motor boated, walked - I would have lost half a stone had it not been for the Fish & Chips (its the law when you are the seaside!!) - and No Lydia, I am not a naturist!! I couldn't inflict my body on the unsuspecting, or even suspecting public!!!
Clippesby Hall is a gem of a campsite. You get the impression that they run the place for the holiday makers and not for profit. They have SC accomodation, as well as wooden chalets, and all the campers get massive big pitches with lots of space. It has quite a foresty, woodland feel to it too, which inspired all boys under the age of 10 to play cowboys and indians - some took the games very seriously.

I'll show you more of my photographs over the next week.
We didnt have a very big patch of sky to watch the Perseids, but we did manage to see around a dozen shooting stars in all - 2 of which were so spectacular, I felt I was in Disneyland!!
I'll be making the draw for the winer of the giveaway later - so I'll post the winner tomorrow.
Off to catch up on all your blogs now - oh, and do the washing!!!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

WELCOME BACK! sounds like a fabby holibobs. Glad you got to see those meteors as you were the one who tipped me off about it!
Sand dune pics are amazing, havent been to Norfolk for about 3 years must go there soon!
Love Sarah x

Lazylol said...

Diane, it is good to see you back - I've missed your posts!
Your holiday sounded lovely, looking forward to to seeing more of your pictures. I am on my way home tomorrow :(
(btw I love that song!)

noelle said...

hi diane, nice to have you back, sounds like a great time you had! look forward to the pics. Didn't see the showers here, too cloudy most of the time and too many of the other kind of showers just lately!!

Tabiboo said...

Fish 'n' Chips are definitely the seaside law! That sand looks divine and all those footprints.

I've only seen the one perseid in the past three days so am now giving up to having a stiff neck!!

Welcome back,

Nina x

Michela said...

Welcome back Diane!
Glad you had a fantastic holiday! missed blogging a lot I see... ;-)

JuliaB said...

Welcome back! That looks like a lovely spot indeed! x

Lisa said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more photos, I'm so nosey!
Glad to hear the weather was kind to you, sounds like you crammed lots into your time away.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Welcome back - glad you had a great time and lots of dry weather - looks like a great place to stay. I'm quite fond of Norfolk and Suffolk as we used to go there quite a bit when we lived in south Lincolnshire. I'm quite partial to sand dunes and salty air and yes, whilst at the seaside you must have fish and ships and ice cream, too:)