Tuesday, 18 August 2009


On Sunday, I decided that as I was going to be cooped up all week at work, we would forget about the mountain of chores that needed doing, and we headed out to one of my favorite places nearby, Chatsworth House. I love Chatsworth. There is something for everybody. It was extremely busy - the busiest I have ever seen it! (the Duke and Duchess must have been rubbing their hands together!!), but there is so much space that you can always find a quiet spot. We decided to do the "Stand Wood Walk" which takes you up to the hunting tower and away from the crowds.
The Hunting Tower is where we were heading. The view of the house from half way up.

The water channels that run from the lakes at the top to feed the fountains and waterfalls.

One of the lakes at the top of the hill.
The Hunting Tower itself - now available to rent as a self catering holiday home from Chatsworth. I'd love to stay here, the views from here are spectacular.

Another one of the lakes, and another holiday cottage.

I noticed loads of Fungi dotted around. I love the many different types of Fungi that starts sprouting at this time of year.

It only cost £2.00 to park all day, and if you can resist the many splendid tea rooms, and the totally gorgeous gift shops, and the extremely upmarket farm shop, to say nothing of the magnificent house, gardens, farmyard and play area, then it can work out quite a cheap day out!


Michela said...

You know very well how treating yourself!
Great pictures!

noelle said...

well it wouldn't be cheap for me cos i couldn't resist the tearoom and shop!! i love how you find the bestest places to visit and share with us! such a lovely blog, thanks Diane x x

Blueberry Heart said...

my powers of restraint are nowhere near that good! You could stick another couple of zeros the end of that for me!! Looks a Grand Day Out!!

BH x

dubgirl said...

that looks a great day out, but i would have to go into the gift shop and of course have a nosy around the house!

Lisa said...

That would be a great place to stay on holiday!
Not sure I would have been able to resist the house or the shop, but if it's local you can always pop back!
Lisa x

lesley said...

Chatsworth House is definately on my "to do" list we both love places like this, glad you had day out instead of doing the chores..a woman after my own heart!

Surfer Rosa said...

Great photos! I love Chatsworth - we visit about four times a year and I've so many happy memories there. You've captured it all so well. I like the walk up to the hunting tower because it can be mega busy down below but not a soul up there. The last time we went up to the hunting tower hubby forgot to put the brake on the pushchair and it rolled right up to the edge of the outcrop(luckily my daughter wasn't in it!)
The firework display in the gardens is amazing (we take the caravan and stay at the adjacent site) and it's quite an adventure walking through the grounds at night!

Tabiboo said...

Such lovely photos and a wonderful tour - thank you.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Rosie said...

Lovely:) We walk in the grounds a few times a year but it is ages since we've been into the gardens and house - glad you had a good day before you went back to work:)

The Curious Cat said...

Ah takes me back - we were there in February -see here: http://catofcuriosity.blogspot.com/2009/02/getting-to-know-your-back-garden-peak.html but I guess we didn't go high enough to discover the lakes...shame we missed this! You wouldn't expect lakes up at the top... it is a beautiful place though...would have been nice to go inside as well but it wasn't open then. I take it you live quite close? If so, lucky you! xxx

Shabby Chick said...

That looks gorgeous, I'd love to visit one day. Is it in Kent? Sorry if I've got that horribly wrong! The view from the hill of the house is lovely.

Mel xxx

Diane said...

Hi Shabby Chick - no, its in Derbyshire on the border with South Yorkshire.

Lazylol said...

Oh I haven't been to chatsworth for ages - now I want to go!
Lovin' your pictures over the past few days btw :)

The Girl said...

I love Chatsworth! Have been a couple of times and walked up to the Hunting Tower but really want to go round the house. I've had problems staying out of the farm shop though!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the Back to the 80s concert - you could clear something up for me actually. We were wondering if the acts shared top billing or if it was the same billing each time. So take notes and let me know please!!

(By the way very annoyed you didn't find me sooner so I could have put my name in the hat for the giveaway!)

Re said...

I love Chatworth too - marvellous place.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Diane, just catching up on all your lovely Norfolk/Chatsworth picies. Lovely tours thanks!
Hope the fairies have been and taken care of all those chores for you!
:D Sarah x

Susie's country cottage said...

I have always wanted to go to Chatsworth House ever since I saw it in the film Pride and Predudice. I will get there one day! Thanks for the little tour.