Sunday, 16 August 2009


As we were not too far from Southwold, and I had never been, I thought we ought to spend a day there. It certainly did not disappoint. It is a really old fashioned British Seaside town, complete with lovely pier and beach huts.

My only critisism was that it was a bit too picture postcard perfect and didnt have much "soul" - as if Walt Disney had invented the town. We noticed that Beach Huts were for sale - offers starting at £50,000!!! and whilst they were nice, they were not the best beach huts I have ever seen (Wells next the Sea has the best in my opinion).
The beach and sand dunes to the south of the town were less crowded and a perfect place to pitch to enjoy the beatiful blue sky.
I bought some Samphire from the organic shop - I had never tried it before, and we all found it exceptionally salty, but it went well in the "camp stew" the next day.
I loved the balcony on this hotel. I would love to be serenaded on this balcony!! Can you see all the heart shapes in the wrought iton work?


Michela said...

You've such charming beaches overseas! Great pictures!
..Now could you show us your tan, please?

Lydia said...

It's lovely to see you back - Those beach huts look so pretty - I wonder if I've got £50,000 to spare?

Lisa said...

Love all the colours of those beach huts, but £50,000! I'm glad I was sat down when I read that!
Lisa x

The Curious Cat said...

I know can you believe the cost of beach huts these days eh?! Daylight robbery...samphire - I've always wanted to try that but i didn't realise it was salty...hmm...wonder what it would also go good with - maybe you could deep fat fry it and serve it as a sort of starter or something...?! Like chinese 'seaweed' you get at the take-away?! xxx

dubgirl said...

I have always wanted to go to Southwold, although i think the price of the beach huts is a rip off, it is only a shed after all! I have to admit though i would like my own beach hut somewhere nice. Have you been to aldeburgh? that is supposed to be lovely too x

Rosie said...

Ah, Southwold is rather special isn't it? Know what you mean about the 'perfectness' of it though. We once camped at Wells-next the Sea - many moons ago:) Samphire is great pickled - we used to go out to the Wash at Sutton Bridge and gather it but it was always sold at our local market in Spalding - we used to bring it home and pickle it in jars.

Carol said...

I like Southwold too. Lots of lovely shops! What a lovely idea for a camp...we were thinking of going away this weekend. I have never tried Samphire, something I will look out for!

Sue said...

Hello Diane, thanks for visiting me - I have been enjoying these pics of Southwold and am very envious of your hols in Norfolk, which is somewhere I love. We know some people who used to live in Southwold and they too are rather shocked at how neat and tidy it has become. It used to be a real place, apparently!

louise said...

I am so glad I live close to the sea. I feel like I am £50,0000 better off! x