Saturday, 10 November 2012

Weston Park

On a very grey day last Sunday, I took the invalid to look around Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.  He still couldn't stand being out in the cold much, so we had a good look around inside (but sadly we were not allowed to take photographs).

 There is a bit of everything in the museum.  Some Sheffield life (which I really love) including a great feature on Park Hill flats when they were first built and a wonderful section on the Attercliffe area of the city - when it was in its heyday.  It also has a great wildlife section and the special feature at the moment is about fairy stories.  We passed a good few hours.
 We decided to walk the long way back to the car (which wasn't very far), through the park itself.  The gorgeous bandstand is used to get married in these days - a great idea.
 We were interested in the tall monument.  Heed the warning about what happens when you move from Yorkshire to London!
 The stonework is so intricate and very beautiful.
 It would photograph better against a blue sky !!

 Not many of the flower beds remain now as they have all been dug over for winter, but this one still looks really pretty.
Grey Sundays are perfect for museum visits.


Mrs. H said...

I keep saying to my boys that we need to visit the museum again and it's years since I walked around the park. We forget we have such brilliant places right on our doorstep sometimes, often driving out into Derbyshire when we have great places to visit within 15 minutes of where we live.
So thanks for that great post and such lovely pictures, a great treat on this Saturday morning!
: ) x

John Gray said...

another of my favourite places.... had a wonderful drunken night overlooking the park once..... I danced on the roof of the cancer hospital!

Rowan said...

I really like Weston Park Museum and so do my grandchildren. There's so much to see and plenty of hands on stuff for youngsters. Well worth a visit if you're in Sheffield.

pastcaring said...

My kids always enjoy a trip to the museum. They particularly like the natural history section, and watching the ants and bees!
I remember the old museum, and think they have done an amazing job to use the existing collection, but display it in such a refreshed and interactive way.
I have memories of sitting in the university library gazing out of the window at Weston Park instead of doing my revision...
PS. Chatted to Debs of Two bones and a bagel on Thirsday, she was on her stall at Chesterfield market and I introduced myself. Were your ears burning, we talked about you! xxx

Carol said...

Perfect visit for grey days.
Hope the invalid is feeling better.
Carol xx

Victoria said...

Another place to add to my list of places I'd like to visit :)

Rosie said...

I love visiting museums on grey, winter afternoons. It's years since I visited Weston Park:)

Tammy Chrzan said...

Sounds like a good day to me! I like the cold grey days for a good walk around!

Toffeeapple said...

That Memorial is wonderfully carved isn't it? You have some lovely places to visit.