Sunday, 22 March 2009

Cusworth Hall

We took my Mum out for Mothers Day today. She had never been to Cusworth Hall in Docaster, so off we went. My hubby's grandad had been "in service" at the hall and there was a picture of him on one of the slide shows. They had opened up "below stairs" (always my favorite bit) since we last went. It used to be owned by the Battie-Wrightson family - who - like many other large family's lost their fortune when they handed it down to an errant son and heir who gambled and chased loose women. You can't help but think if fortunes had been handed down to the oldest daughters instead of sons, most large houses would still have been up and running in spectacular fashion. Cusworth is very pleasant. Its owned by Doncaster Council and free to get in. Apart from the kitchens, the rooms house display cases full of interesting Doncaster "stuff". It has a very nice tea room - and they serve Horlicks which is always a bonus when you have to sit outside and the weather is on the verge of reverting back to winter. There is a lake at the bottom of the hill, and unbelievably, 2 very chavvy looking lads were having a swim!!! They bring 'em up tough in Donny!!
If you click on the last piccy to enlarge it, you will see my very favorite sign that spring is here - Frogspawn. It takes me back to being a little girl - we always had a jar of it on the back window ledge. I look for it every year. One of the ponds at Cusworth must have had over a hundred frogs milling around the ton of frogspawn that was wedged into the reeds. It was great to watch, and for me, I dont think the photo is too bad either. Ive dropped mum off at home, as Peter Kaye says, she likes to get home and get settled!! Ive set the timer to watch "Monty Halls great escape " at 9pm - really great series and very tasty geezer too! Thought I'd leave you with my sons card to me for Mothers Day. We always make our own cards, and he had written on the front:
Even though:
You shout
You argue
You boss us around
You make us wash up
You steal the remote
You make us watch relocation relocation
You know................................
(on the inside)WE LOVE YOU REALLY
Yes, I think that sums me up very well.!!!


Rosie said...

Cusworth Hall looks really interesting and I can't believe it's free to look round! Great frog photo - there must be hundreds in there - it must be a good year for frog spawn we have loads in our little pond too - we used to have jars of frog spawn and then tadpoles on the nature table at junior school. Love the words from your son's card:)

Lisa said...

What a lovely place to go to on a day out and what a bonus that it's free too!
I agree that the servants domains are always so interesting, love looking at old kitchens, though I wouldn't have liked to work in one.
Hope you enjoyed your Mother's day.

pebbledash said...

I like the bit 'below stairs" best too...especially the kitchens. Looks like a great place to visit.

Shabby Chick said...

I just LOVE what your son wrote! How sweet. I'm lucky because my eldest really likes watching Relocation and Grand Designs (better enjoy it while it lasts...).

That house looks fabulous, and the frogspawn takes me right back to being little again :)

Mel xxx

driftwood said...

looks like a wonderful place to visit, I love those huge old kitchens.
great card xxx

lazylol said...

I can't believe I have never been to Cusworth Hall and I don't live too far away. I will have to go in the summer - it looks lovely.

Blueberry Heart said...

that looks like a great day out, and horlicks - what a blast from the past when in a place like that! The old fashioned inside reminds me of a trip to Beamish museum, all Olde Worlde that you can just get lost in. I plan on taking my Gran this summer as she'll love the chance to reminisce.
Love the Peter kaye-ism - made me chuckle cos thats EXACTLY what they're like!!
BH x

noelle said...

looks like you had a great day out, what a lovely place. hope you had a great Mothers day. x noelle x