Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mr Darcy could come calling.

Many thanks to Noelle, Clare and Angie for leaving me lovely comments on my blog. I like having cyber friends.
This photo was taken on New Years Day (hence the frost) and is of Wentworth Woodhouse up in the village. It is a privately owned house now - the last male Fitzwilliam heir was a bit of a one with the ladies and liked to gamble and lost the family alot of money. After reading "Black Diamonds" it would also seem that there is a bit of panic amongst the only 2 remaining female heirs (both childless old ladies) about certain illegitemate offspring that may have a claim to the estate. Apparantly in the 70's, they ordered "papers" and historical records to be burned. They destroyed so much evidence that the fire burned for days! The guy who lives in it now is a recluse, and so no one ever gets to look around it which is a real shame. It was once part of Sheffield University for a while too. Before the recluse bought it, it featured in "Wives and Daughters" (which I think was by Mrs Gaskell) You get to see a lot of the outside of it, and the grand, marble salon is also in the film. I'm sure you agree Angie, that Mr Darcy would certainly come calling.


noelle said...

hey Diane, there i was stood on the end of smeatons pier, waving frantically, did you see me!!!!!! lovely post what a waste of a lovely old house. keep up the good work with the blog, must go and sort mine out been very busy of late!!

Lisa said...

Found your blog today through Summerfete's.
How lovely to have such a wonderful place to visit so close to where you live. I love reading history books about interesting families. Such a shame all those papers were destroyed, who knows what was lost forever.
I like the neckwarmer you knitted, great colour! It's been a very, very long time since I knitted anything, but I am due for an operation soon which will give me lots of recuperating time so maybe I'll be able to start again, especially as something so pretty can be made reasonably easily.
Take care

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi there - lovely blog!

I hope the alfresco breakfast is the first of many this year - so nice to have some warm sunshine at last isn't it!
BH x

Curlew Country said...

Oooh very dark and brooding! I did an event at Wentworth Castle once (in my old job - what a small world btw!), is that close by?

Lovely part of the world, we had a smashing walk around there.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. What kind words. Really nice to "meet" you, I'll pop by to say hello again soon.

Rosie said...

Hello there, just found your blog through Steph's blog. Interesting to read about the house, I'm sure they used to train PE teachers there sometime in the 70's. I'm sure the sadistic dragon who made us run round the playing fields had some link with there! What a pity that its out of bounds to everyone. Anyway great to meet you, love the scarf, will call in again.