Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What we made so far this week.

So far this week, we have made:
Double Chocolate Muffins (Young man made me these in Food Tech (Cookery to us oldies!) and very nice they were too.
Breakfast Frittata - made this Monday morning using leftovers from Sunday's big breakfast and also took some to work for lunch with a salad.
Lavender Hearts - Hubby accidentally "felted" my best bit of Monsoon cardi, so its now becoming Christmas presents!!
New camping blanket has been started - using the colours that can be found in the sea in Cornwall (well thats the plan at this stage)
Another neck roll - this one is to be worn like a polo neck jumper - but without the jumper part. Might use this myself as Spring seems to have come and gone around these parts.
Not bad to say its only Tuesday! (Would have been a lot less if I hadn't lost the football match tickets on Saturday - every cloud has a silver lining!!!)


cathleen said...

Your food, knitting and your crochet look lovely. I would love, love, love to have a nice slice of your frittata with a cup of tea right about now!

Lisa said...

How industrious you've been already this week.
Hope the sun comes back soon, it was lovely while it lasted.

noelle said...

how productive you've been ! some lovely things. what a lovely blog and some lovely comments, aren't you glad you started. great job! noelle x

Shabby Chick said...

Those hearts look gorgeous! At least the cardie is not totally wasted ;)

I could soooo eat a big slice of that fritats, mmm.

Mel xxx

Surfer Rosa said...

I love the colours of your Cornwall blanket! We've a week booked in Cornwall in June (Pentawan Sands). Hopefully the sea will be those colours and not greys!!!