Saturday, 21 March 2009

Smoke that in your pipe Jamie Oliver

Now thats what I like to see - men in the kitchen. Actually it was the young man and his friend cooking our Saturday night curry - and very tasty (and healthy it was too). Don't believe all you saw on Jamie Oliver's Pass it On - some of us in Rotherham don't live on Chips and Cheese!!!!
Senior moment - Today I had a very senior moment. My friend sent us 4 free tickets to watch Sheffield Wednesday play some Welsh team. Hubby couldnt go, so being a good mother, I decided that I would take the young man. I also invited his mate and his mates dad so that we didnt waste the freeby tickets. Now I have not been to a (proper)football match since about 1972 and it is not my chosen way to spend a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon, but I entered into the spirit of things. I popped the 4 tickets into the back pocket of my Jeans (they all saw me do this) and off we went. When we got to the gates of Hillsborough - the tickets were not there.!!! God alone knows where they went, but they were no longer in my jeans pocket, or in any other pocket or my bag or my purse. We walked (the 2 mile or so!!) back to the car to see if they were there - but they were not. Now on a scale of 1-10 as far as disasters go, to me this was probably 0.5, but to the men/boys (who were all very very silent in the car on the way home) it appeared to be about 9.5. Thankfully the game ended in a very boring 0-0 draw, so as far as I can see I saved them all the bother of watching a very tedious game. But none of them are talking to me yet. "Get used to it" is what I say. No matter how you younger bloggers try and convince me, 50 is never going to be the new 30. Now I know why SAGA holidays are so popular - they look after the tickets for you!!!!


lazylol said...

That is a really funny post Diane.
Sorry you all missed out on the football though, my mum and dad went to the Sheffield Wednesday match. They, and my brother who lives in Germany at the moment are big Wednesday fans and go as often as they can.
I am glad to see the young lads doing some cooking - fantastic!

noelle said...

oh diane thats awful!!!!! i had to laugh though! thanks so much for the award, its great. the curry looks lovely, we are big curry fans here. Isn't it great to see the youngsters having a go . speak soon. noelle x