Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wentworth Village

I live in South Yorkshire, a county not famous for its beauty, however there is some, and I shall endevour to show you the best bits. I can walk across the fields to the very pretty village of Wentworth - once home to The Earl Fitzwilliam. The village is still owned by the Fitzwilliam Estate, and the houses are mainly rented out by the Estate, apart from a few that are well out of my price range. You can't go wrong for Tea Rooms, proper pubs, a garden centre and the eagle eyed true knitty nora's may have spotted "Wingham Wool Works"(1st picture) - Barns full to the brim of the best wool and knitting paraphanalia from around the world. They even spin and dye their own. Fortunately it was shut today, so I managed to escape without spending anything. The sky was blue, but it was very breezy. The garden centre is housed in the former gardens of the big house, and has some lovely little formal gardens to walk round. The summer house is home to a photographer, and there is even an old bear pit that housed real "Dancing Bears" in the 18th century. I recently read "Black Diamonds" by Catherine Bailey which is all about the fall of the Fitzwilliam dynasty. It was very good and I think it would make a great BBC costume drama. Talking of which, I am currently loving " Larkrise to Candleford" on Sunday evenings, followed by the "Victorians through Art" featuring Jeremy Paxman, whom I have a bit of a "thing" for!! Enjoy your weekend. xx


Lazylol said...

What a gorgeous place - the name Fitzwilliam just makes me think of Mr Darcy who I have a bit of 'a thing' for! I am quite liking Robert Timmins in Larkrise too! Can you believe it is the last one this week? - I wonder how it will end? I am going to have to buy the DVDs and the I can watch them over and over again while I am doing the ironing!

summerfete said...

Hi Diane! Love your blog name, I'm a bit of a heart fanatic.
I will miss larkrise, though they are making more. As you can imagine with the patchwork I'm making, it has had me lusting over all the vintage style fabrics!
Our fav is Minnie, she's the best.

Diane said...

Hi Angie. Glad you could join me. Wentworth is only about 30 minutes away from where you live, so you'll have to come over one day. You and I look as if we share the same taste in men. I think poor Robert Timmins gets it in the neck too much from his ever whinging wife!!
Hi Clare. Your quilt looks great - you must have the patience of a saint!! I love heart shaped things, especially sea glass and pebbles on the beach - I have quite a collection. Glad you could join me and many thanks for you comment.

Julia said...

Hello Diane!
Its really lovely to find you today, thank you for the message you left me on my blog - I think we are probably quite close as I live just north of Sheffield so not that far from you! I think your blog is lovely, and your photographs make our little part of the world look beautiful!
Nice to know about the wool place, believe it or not I didnt know about that!!

I'll pop in again soon, see what you're up to!

Love to you
Julia xxx