Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Summat for nowt.

I love foraging for food. Natures own food fresh from the hedgerows tastes out of this world. As the year progresses, I shall take you on my foraging trips, but for now, you will have to make do with a (really bad) photo of the remnants from last year. In the glass is my Sloe Gin. I had never tasted this until a neighbour told me how to make it. Its very moreish! The bottle (that looks as if it contains a urine sample!!) is what is left of my Elderflower cordial. Very lovely addition to a G&T but almost equally lovely with sparkling mineral water. I also have Damson Pickle (a la Delia Smith recipe) , a few jars of Mixed Berry Jam (my own concoction using Blackberry, Elderberry and Damson) and some Apple Jelly. This year I am going to have a bash at nettle soup and nettle beer (never used nettles before). Last year I made loads of Elderflower champagne - highly explosive - but so refreshing. I dont think I left it long enough to become alcoholic, but it was one of the nicest drinks I have ever tasted. I know some of you are foragers, so I am looking forward to trying new things that you suggest as the year goes along.
PS You may have noticed the heart shaped bit of wood I thought I would include in the picture. Hubby found it in the woods and carved our names on it and gave it me on our wedding anniversary. We have lots of heart shaped things around here - but no heart shaped diamonds !!!


Lisa said...

What an incredibly romantic thing your husband did by carving your names into that heart shaped piece of wood!
Hope you enjoyed your glass of sloe gin.

noelle said...

looking forward to the foraging trips, sounds fun! love the heartshaped wood, i like things like that> noelle x x

lazylol said...

I hope you will share some recipes with us!

libbyquilter said...

have enjoyed visiting your new blog and really love this photo . . . straight from the best kind of simple life, it appears. i have a huge collection of heart shaped rocks that my husband continues to add to on a regular basis and i just love laying them around the house as little "surprises" for those who are looking closely enough~!~