Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sunset, Sunrise

Yesterday was a beautiful day - more like late spring and too nice to "play in", so once I finished work at 3pm, and hubby got home early from a course he was on, we pulled on our walking boots and walked over the fields. We found ourselves at the pub for a quick snifter (Pint of Guiness for him and a glass or Red Wine for the lady) and then shared a beautiful sunset on the way home.
I woke early this morning and poked my nose out of the bathroom window to see if the spring weather was continuing. You can't really tell from the photograph, but the sun was a huge bright orange ball, and had a trailing of cloud across it like when the pirate ship goes back to Neverland in Peter Pan. Moments like this make my day.
The very best sunsets though, are over Clodgy point (St Ives)- as viewed from Porthmeor beach, after a hard days sunbathing, surfing, rock pooling, pasty snacking, sandcastle building etc as I'm sure many of you out there will agree.

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noelle said...

ahhh such lovely weather we are having. you're right about clodgy! was there tonight in fact, didn't have my camera with me ! not sure about the email address on the blog, will have a look later . speak soon x noelle x