Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Wool

Many thanks to the gardening genius that is JuliaB - you correctly identified the purple sprouting broccoli that I had completely forgotten about. I knew that there were peas in the mix, infact I thought that they were all peas, so I was most suprised when they looked different - ah well - lesson learned. Managed to make it to the wool shop in Wentworth eventually and bought a hank of recycled sari's. Has anyone done anything with recycled sari's? I'm looking for inspiration. It really is an Aladdins cave in there.
Does anyone recognise my library book bag?


JuliaB said...

oooer! i'm blushing!. Actually I do this all the time - so this year i made a concerted attempt to label EVERYTHING and i have some of these too. xx

noelle said...

yes, i do!!! great deli, just near the new chocolate shop you were talking about! x x

Julia said...

hi Diane!

That wool shop looks amazing! I must make a point of drifting over there (minus tot) one day and have a good look around!
Thanks for the comment you left me on my blog, yes, we did get a bit flooded, but only about 2ft in the garden and cellar - luckily the house itself is higher than the river but it was pretty scary watching it happen all the same!

Sending love
Julia (who is feeling quite a bit better today! :)