Sunday 29 December 2013

Christmas round up

Christmas has been strange for us here in the Heartshaped household.  Mainly because of various family members and wok commitments, but we have tried to spend as much time together as possible.  On Christmas Eve, hubby and I collected the dancing queen  from work and brought her home for a few days over Christmas.  We got chance to wander around Sheffield for the afternoon which is something we have not done for years.

 It was fairly quiet in town (in strong contrast to the nearby horrendous out of town shopping mall) and the atmosphere was really lovely.  We had festive hot milky drinks in a very trendy bar where they were having DJ sets where the DJ's were playing 7 of their favourite 7inch singles.
 Once we got her home, the young man set off for his shift at a nearby pub/restaurant where he has a holiday job.  After eating, we went to join him so that we saw him (fleetingly)for most of the evening.  His girlfriend and her family had turned up too, so that was lovely.
 He was also working until 4pm Christmas day, so we went with him to work, then walked home - making the most of the beautiful Christmas Day morning.

 He also worked Boxing Day (which gets very busy in the pub as it seems to be tradition in these parts for everyone from miles around to congregate here).  We dropped him off and continued on to Elsecar which was much quieter and had a lovely stroll around.
 Both hubby and I have been struck down by a Christmas Lurgy and so theses shorter strolls have been far more appealing.
 Like mother like daughter!!  Poor hubby struggled with both of us stopping every 5 minutes to take photographs!

 I can't believe how many times we have walked past this old Anderson shelter and never noticed it!

 ... and of course we celebrated our wedding anniversary too.  Hubby was working all day and we attended an 18th birthday party at night, but we have made plans to celebrate our 22 years in the New Year.
Blimey, we look so much younger!!! xxxxx

Saturday 21 December 2013

From our home to yours.

Merry Christmas!!

Like most of you, I am anticipating being a bit busy over the next couple of days, so just in case I don't get chance later, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.  Enjoy whatever you do.  

With lots of love from the heartshaped household 

Sunday 8 December 2013


I spent another fabulous day at the sudio's of Hope and Elvis in Welbeck - a fantastic way to while away a day.

 It was a "Christmas Decoration" making day, so firstly, we had a look at the inspiration table...

 And then set about creating.  I met up again with my wonderful friend Lyn from Everyday life.  It's always great to catch up with Lyn, and we got a tremendous amount of work done considering the yacking we did!
 My blog lurker friend Nic came too.  Nic is not normally a crafter but totally gets the therapeutic charm of a spot of sewing.  And to say she doesn't sew, she managed brilliantly on Louise's best "Brother" (out of this world, amazing!!) sewing machine.
 We stopped for a spot of lunch....
 ....and a drop of non alcoholic  festive fizz.
 And by the end of the day, using some of Louise's sumptuous fabrics I had produced a lovely Angel for my Christmas tree.  I really love her.

 She also has a twin which will be sitting on Ly'ns Christmas tree.
 It really is one of the best days out ever.
It always amazes me how many people arrive at Hope & Elvis having never sewn before and leave having created something truly wonderful.  x

Sunday 1 December 2013

Shepherds Delight

The old ryhme "Red sky at night, Shepherds delight" rang true this weekend.  We have been having some great sunrises and sunsets this week, but Saturday nights display was by far the best.  

 The sky looked as if it was on fire.
 My house has no view at all, just a piece of sky, but when the sky looks like this.............
 I hope you got to glimpse it too.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Welbeck Craft & Food Fair

At the weekend, hubby and I decided to visit the Craft & Food Fair at Welbeck.  It was on for 2 days and is a great place to buy individual gifts.  The food is always amazing and locally produced.  We came away with bag loads of goodies.  The crafts are the best I have ever seen.  I didn't take any photographs but I can honestly say that the standard of craftmanship on display is truly outstanding and original.

 You also get to look around the many artists studios here at Welbeck.  One of my favourites is the weird and wacky studio of Phil Neal.
 Phil is a total genius with the look of a totally mad professor - his work is incredible.
 His workshop is amazing to wander around.
 I don't think he throws anything away.
 We also got chance to have a brief walk around the houses on the Welbeck Estate.  I noticed that most of these have been renovated to rent out now, but there are still a few waiting to be done up.

 I think I read somewhere where they are hoping to renovate this to become a boutique hotel.

 We got to talk to a few of the locals.
 And we had a good look around the amazing Harley Gallery which has a Quentin Blake exhibition on at the moment.

 They also have a permanent display of artifacts from the estate here too - they change them around so that there is always something new to see.
 Still not wanting to go home, we had a wander around the garden centre too.
 I always enjoy a trip to Welbeck - so many things to see and do and eat!