Tuesday 31 January 2012

Occupy Sheffield

I treated myself to a wander around Sheffield on a cold and frosty Sunday morning. I stepped off the tram at the Cathedral and decided to take a good look around the "Occupy Sheffield" camp site. I don't think that they are sleeping at night in the tents, I certainly hope not as it was well below 0 degrees. It is a peaceful protest with no drink or drugs allowed on the site. Its a very sad of affairs that because they are protesting peacefully that the impact of their message has not been as punchy as it ought to be.

Being a crafter, I admired their handy work,
and also the fabrics they used.
And I have to admit that I didn't disagree with any of their messages either.
especially this one!!!!!!

Monday 30 January 2012

Recent Movies

Hubby and I have had date night at the cinema recently. The first film we saw was Warhorse. I know that this gets rave reviews everywhere (except over on John - Going Gently's blog!), and I have to say that I really liked it. It is a bit "overblown" and there are some actors that don't get very good lines, but the film overall is very watchable - one part made me cry, but it was nothing to do with the horse! Its a long film, but time goes by quickly as there is always something happening. I would recommend it.

The second film we saw I really loved. The Iron Lady is the story of Margaret Thatcher - the woman. Love her or loathe her, the film is great with brilliant acting from Meryl Streep, who I forgot on occasion was not actually MT! She did have some really tough decisions to make and to give her her due, she never shied away from making them. She was without a doubt "driven" . Jim Broadbent plays a superb Dennis, but then Jim Broadbent always plays everything superbly.

What really struck me throughout the film about the 1970's and early 80's was how tough and pretty dire life was in Britain. Strikes, 3 day weeks, the power going off, the rubbish piling up in London, The IRA bombings on a regular basis - but I can't remember people moaning about things like they do these days, and I can't remember ever feeling badly done by either.

Saturday 28 January 2012


With a million and one household chores waiting to be done, I decided that because the weather looked fine, I should make the most of it, and also drag the teenager out as he is in danger of getting Vitamin D deficiency from never leaving his room! (only to attend college and parties!)

He only grunts at me when he is in the house, but when we walk together he talks my ears off! Ive learned all about environmental issues and polar ice melts today.

We spotted plenty of blue sky today,
And very early daffodils sprouting - unheard of in January round these parts. Get ready to jump in the car at a moments notice Rosie!!
We spotted this very unusual car,
with its terrifying passenger!
We spotted clumps of snowdrops,
and old blacksmiths forge
pretty little gatehouse,
and very pretty cottages.
I'd purposely stayed close to home as he is doing 2 parties today - the 1st one at 5pm - a murder mystery, and the 2nd one a bit later at someones house (some parents are barmy!). I was required for taxi duty, so I basically hung around all day - only to be told as he dashed out of the house at 4.30pm that he had got another lift!
But tomorrow is all mine! and I have a few options up my sleeve.

The light at the end of the tunnel

I'm not a January person. I hate wishing my time away, but I'm glad its almost over. However one of the aspects about the month that I like is that the day light hours get measurably longer. After work, I now get about an hour and a half of daylight to play with.

So on my way home on Thursday I called for a walk around the grounds at the garden centre.
The fresh air, exercise and injection of colour perked me up no end.

And Mother Nature finished my stroll with a light show of her own.

It was the best one and a half hours of my day.

Thursday 26 January 2012

Vintage Tag Tuesday (on Thursday!)

Here is my attempt at a vintage tag for TAG TUESDAY

Made with items from my Mama's (Grandma's) button box. I love the way nothing was ever thrown away (note the old hooks from a pink bra!) - this must be where I get it from!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Sunday Afternoon Windy Walk

My, it was blustery on Sunday, and with only a short window of opportunity for a walk, we decided to stay local and walk down the park in Wentworth. I know you've been with me at least a hundred times before, but humour me.

We peeped through the gates of the very large stable block. The block is equally the size of the stables at Chatsworth and we always wish it had as good a tea room.

And then on past the big house - I like the way that this photo turned out as I shot it into the sun.

Onwards through the deer park - didn't spot any deer though.
And we ended up by the lakes - where it was really cold and very very breezy!

A walk that certainly blew the cobwebs away.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Sunday 22 January 2012

Pub Scrawl part deux

Nest, we made our way to the Bowery. We loved the work of Tado who are a Sheffield duo. Their installation was an animated depiction of Sheffield life.

A "still" of this work was in the window of the Bowery - can you make out one of Sheffield's own recording stars?
Well done if you recognised Jarvis Cocker!
There was great music in most of the pubs - we loved the panda DJ in here.

The best "experience " of the tour was in the Washington pub where Warp Films had taken over the joint and made the place their own - love what you did with the place lads. Warp are one of the leading independent film makers in the UK who refuse believe that London is the centre of the universe. I love the last 2 lines of this introduction.
They had turned the pub into one of their films - This is England and had actually got the actors from the film to appear in character! The actors were serving behind the bar, drinking in the pub - it was all very realistic and a bit scary especially when the skinheads kicked off at one point!

The DQ was a bit star struck and loved having her photo taken with the cast.

Warp made one of my favourite films - did you ever see Grow your own?

Our next drink was at the Forum. I loved the work of Sarah Abbott and would love to see some of her work in my own home. I'm going to visit her shop for a look around.

I knew that you would like these too.
Next, we were supposed to go to the Frog & Parrot, but it was packed and so our group did the Conga through the pub, then some of us went for chips!

For those concerned with our alcohol intake, we didn't manage a drink in each pub. I was driving, so I was on fizzy water, hubby had a few halves of Thornbridge ale, and the DQ is a bit of a light weight drinker and felt tiddly after an Archers and lemonade and a cider!

Next up was the artist GEO at the Great Gatsby pub
And then across to Bungalow and Bears where Fine and Dandy seemed to have filled the place with decorated cardboard boxes. This was nearing the end of the tour and all the blokes (and some of the ladies) decided to "play". They had loads of fun building huge towers and walls - then knocking them down again. As this was one of the last pubs on the tour, a long line of revellers could be seen walking out with a box tucked under their arms!
We did make it to the last pub, and the Everly Pregnant Brothers had promised to play their Ukulele's for us, but it was absolutely packed and the DQ said she was tired and had work the next day. (There is a striking similarity between Saffy and Edina and the DQ and I!!!) so we left the tour at this stage.
It was a great evening and I hope that they repeat it again. It was very popular and a great showcase for some of the marvellous home grown talent that we have in the city.