Monday 25 February 2013

Mooching around

On Sunday, we had planned to park at Kelham Island and walk down by the riverside, and then back on the canal, but we only got as far as Victoria Quays before we decided it was far too cold to be near the waters edge! And so we decided to just mooch through the city where it was marginally warmer.

 I often look for these informative plaques tthat are dotted around - and often learn something new.
 Sheffield has its fair share of souless chain coffee shops, but it also has loads of brilliant independent ones too.  This is one of our current favourites - it is only tiny but is a gorgeous little place with fabulous coffee and really good food.  They also have some special "goings on" after work hours too.
 It is a stunning little place.
 I often think I should do a blog post about the old pubs that are still standing in Sheffield.  A lot of them are amazing buildings.
 This one used to be the starting point for our office pub crawls back in the early 1980's.
 We popped our heads into the Emergency Services museum as we passed it.
 And the decided to call into the Nichols building which now houses arts, crafts and vintage stalls - a fascinating little place.

 I had never been in before, so it was a perfect excuse.  I can highly recommend a visit.  So much to see, and I bought a lovely little hat for my 1940's costume that I shall be wearing in a few weeks time - you'll have to wait for photo's of that!
Plan B turned out much warmer and far more enjoyable. When is it going to warm up?! x
PS - Any spelling mistakes etc on this post can be blamed on my new varifocal glasses - I am getting soooooo old. x

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Gentle stroll in Chatsworth Park

And so on Sunday we attempted more gentle strolling - this time through Chatsworth Park.  When we first arrived, there was a lovely low lying mist making everything look magical.

I was also privileged to be allowed to borrow my daughter's very expensive camera as the young man had taken mine to New York with him.  I took very great care of it and enjoyed using it - on the point and shoot setting!
I think the photos are noticeably better - I shall have to save up.

Hubby did manage to find a couple of small hills for me to attempt!  But the walk was glorious - such a lovely lovely day.  You can now rent the Russian Cottage from the Chatsworth estate if you fancy somewhere picturesque and remote.....
....with stunning views.

I always love a walk on the Chatsworth estate.  It was really busy today, but it is so large that it didn't feel at all crowded.

The house sits so well in the spectacular countryside setting.  It isn't open just yet, but there is still plenty to see and do round about.

Monday 18 February 2013


And so after our gentle stroll around the lake on Saturday, we drove into Holmfirth for a little look around.

 Holmfirth is a very pretty and old market town in the Holme Valley - which is an exceptionally steep valley!  It still has a lot of the old mill houses which have been turned into unique and very pretty houses still lived in.
 The old studio's of Bamforth & Co are now derelict, but it is a fabulous building.  Bamforth & Co were originally film makers, but then in a change of direction, they manufactures the saucy seaside postcards that were very popular in the early 1960's.

 Holmfirth had a bit of a revival in the 1980's when the popular TV Comedy "Last of the Summer Wine" was filmed here.  Lots of lovely little individual shops were opened up and down the cobbled streets around the town, but sadly a lot of these are now closed.  It seems that this down turn in the economy goes on and on.
 A couple of fab little second hand book shops and plenty of gorgeous cafes remain though.

 You may recognise "Sid's Cafe" from the series.
 And of course Norah Batty's steps - now the "Wrinkled Stocking" cafe.
We had  a lovely stroll around the town - it was so nice to get out in the Spring like weather. xxxx

Saturday 16 February 2013

Following the doctors orders

So this week the doctor suggested some gentle walking.  Hurray!!! And the weather was kind enough too.  The sun almost had a little strength to it!

 We went for a stroll around Winscar Reservoir which is up in the Pennine Moors (1,790 feet above sea level!) and they still have snow.  My Grandad (who knew a thing about the outdoors), always used to say that if snow lingers, it will take another downfall to take it away.  So be warned!
I found you a heart too!
 It was such a relief to get out and about and feel fairly normal again.
 It's amazing to think that this stunning scenery is less than 20 minutes drive from home.

 Another 5 minutes drive took us to the top of the world - well that's what it felt like.
 Standing on Holme Moss moor, you can see all down the Holme Valley and over to the furthest outreaches of West Yorkshire.
Don't blue skies make you feel much much brighter! xxx

Monday 11 February 2013


On Saturday I attended a workshop at Hope & Elvis run by the fabulous Louise Presley.  The course was called Blanket Love and we were allowed to rummage and utilise vintage blankets and quilts from Louise's very extensive stash.  We also got to play with the new Brother sewing machines that Louise had recently acquired and I can't begin to tell you what a dream these were to use! I can feel an investment coming on!

 The day was made all the more wonderful because my crafting bloggy pals Lyn from Everyday Life and Debs from Two Bones (sorry no photo!) were also there.  I have to say that i was just what the doctor ordered - a real tonic.  Louise's classes should be available on the NHS.
 I love the look of concentration on Lyn's face.
 I made a heirloom cushion for my daughter (not quite finished in this photo) using stunning small pieces of vintage Welsh quilts.  She loved it.
 I managed to capture a few photo's of the other ladies work - everybody has individual ideas and the creations are always stunning.

Thanks Ladies, I had a great time as ever.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Busy doing nothing

I've never taken it so easy.  And, I'm getting used to it! I'm finding a fair few good things to watch on TV too.  I love the Sunday Midwife program, the chairs at the clinic remind me of my baby clinic at the Miners Welfare Hall in my youth!   Monty Don in France on a Friday night is simply stunning - I need to visit the Hermes roof top garden in Paris.  The David Attenborough Africa series has been amazing as to be expected, and I fell completely in love with him when he was "talking" to the little blind Rhino this week.  I'm hoping the new series Nashville is going to be as good as it looks too.

I've also been planning on decorating my living room too.  The room is looking more shabby than chic, and my new lamp from (a very dangerous website!) looks way too grand on my Grandad's sideboard at the moment!

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Spring Flowers at Hodsock Priory

For the last few years, we have tripped along to Hodsock Priory as soon as they open to get a fix of the first Spring flowers.  We went on Sunday, and I know it's still early, but we were slightly disappointed this year.  Usually, they close off the Priory which they use for wedding receptions, but this year, they have decided to keep the wedding receptions going, and keep the garden visitors away from the house.  They have erected marquees for tea tents and shops etc, but it looks as if bulldozers have been used to do this and lay paths around the woodlands, and it looks a bit wrecked in places.

 I can fully understand that in this economic climate, they want to keep the revenue that weddings bring in, but for me, it has lost something.  I may need to find another local garden to visit in early spring - any suggestions?
 It was lovely to catch a glimpse of a few springtime plants though.

 And they do still have the open fire in the woodland that everyone loves.