Tuesday 31 March 2015

The Monsal Trail - end to end

On Saturday, our walking group walked the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire from end to end.  A minibus deposited us at Cheedale for the start of our walk.  The views and landscapes all way along the trail are very spectacular - both natural landscapes and relics from a heavy industrial past.

 The railway line was once the main Manchester to London line.
 As you can see, at the start of our walk, the weather was a tad inclement!  I used to be a bit hesitant in the many tunnels along the trail, but on Saturday, I was grateful for them!

 The trail is littered with relics from it's industrial past.  These Lime Kilns are still in good condition.

 There are also a couple of old cotton mills along the trail too.  Litton Mill had a bad reputation for being cruel to it's workers, mainly young children
 I think the workers at nearby Cressbrook Mill faired slightly better.  Both these mills are now very Dez Rez's - lovely apartments.

 The river Wye runs alongside the Monsal Trail and has some lovely holiday cottages by its side.

 I think Monsal Dale is one of my favourite places in the world.
 By the time we reached Bakewell at the far end, we were almost dried out!

 It was a fabulous walk - about 12 miles I believe.
 We first noticed this happening in Paris, then I noticed it a couple of weeks ago in Whitby, and I noticed it here in Bakewell too.  Loved ones leaving locks on the bridge.
 As usual, our walk ended up in a pub for a well deserved drink and a nice sit down!
Another fantastic walk with our group.

Monday 30 March 2015

Gentlework @ Hope & Elvis

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to grab a place at Hope & Elvis Studios to spend the most delightful of days stitching under the guidance of the lovely Christine from Gentlework.  What an utter delight it was.

 Christine makes dolls, and brooches, and books and bunting and lots of other treasures, all from vintage scraps and in the most soothing and subtle of colour pallette's.

 I could quite easily believe that Christine herself is a fairy who lives in an enchanted wood.  She is so lovely.

 She brought along a collection of materials to share with us.  My good friend Lyn, commented that I was like a kid in the haberdashery equivalent of a sweet shop!  She wasn't wrong!
 I wanted it all!
 I loved Christine's attention to detail.  She had decorated all our wok tables with stunning but simple decoration.
 And she brought us all a present! What stunning gift wrapping too!
 We all worked very hard - I think it was the quietest class I have ever done at Hope and Elvis!
 I made a sewing roll for my needles and bits and bobs.  It's not quite finished.
 A day at the studio is a tonic for me.  I love sewing surrounded by lovely friends and with lots of inspiration and fabulous materials in the room.
If I start now, I might get a few bits turned out in time for Christmas! xx

Monday 23 March 2015

Shillito Woods

This weeks walking group walk was the family friendly walk from Shillito Woods near Chartsworth.  I am always amazed how far the tiny tots can walk!  The moors on this walk were teeming with nature and lots of surprises for us all to wonder at.

 The car park had lots of encouragement for birds and whilst I was waiting for my group, I managed to snap a few.

 We spotted a couple of groups of deer - who I am sure had spotted us first!

 And, for those who know me well, my ultimate sign of spring - Frogs Spawn.  And lots of it!

 This is a walk I will do many more times as the views were spectacular and the walking fairly easy!  So much to see and the silence was amazing!  Just a few miles out of Sheffield City Centre too.