Thursday 31 March 2011

Greg Davies

Last night we went with friends and the young man to see Comedian Greg Davies at the Civic Theatre in Barnsley. Greg played the phsycotic headmaster in "The Inbetweeners" and he regularly appears on TV on things like Mock The Week etc. (Photo not mine - found on internet) I loved his humour. It was basically very funny storytelling. It was a great night out. You can't beat a good belly laugh in my opinion. One thing that came to light in our conversation afterwards is that kids don't leave school with imaginative nicknames like they used to do. As you know, my nickname was "Chicken Legs" for obvious reasons. Did you have a nickname? What was it? and why? And if you ever get chance to see Greg Davies live - go.

Wednesday 30 March 2011


Ive never bought or sold on ebay! Shocking isn't it! I have so much "stuff" and seriously need to de clutter, so I'm thinking about taking the plunge. My pal Nic (the blog lurker) has been so inspired by your Charity Shop finds, that she has gone a bit mad, and her hubby has insisted she gets rid of some of the stuff. She is a big ebayer. Take a look HERE to see if there is anything you fancy and help save her marriage!!! What have you bought or sold on ebay, and do you have any top tips for me?

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Pin Cushion

Ive volunteered to run a stall for my WI at our village fair later in the year. I thought a "Homemade and Vintage" theme would enable most people to contribute to the stall. Ive been making a few things that I thought might sell, including this small button jar/pincushion combo. You know I love creative faffing!

Monday 28 March 2011

Easy patchwork cards

Using leftover scraps of pretty fabric, and "Happy Birthday" ribbon (which I bought on a roll from John Lewis) I made some easy patchwork birthday cards.
Nothing much gets wasted in this house.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Male Stripper at the W.I.

I knew that would grab your attention!

Today, I attended the Spring Council meeting of the South Yorkshire federation branch of the Womens Institute. This was held in the gorgeous Art Deco hotel - The Earl of Doncaster, a fabulous building with some great Art Deco features.

We listened to some of the issues of the WI in our region which was a bit of an eye opener, and in part very humorous. A lot of it put me in mind of a Julie Walters sketch!
They had some great little stalls and I came away with a new chutney to try, a chocolate fudge cake and several 2nd hand books!

We had a very lovely lunch, and then it was on to the highlight of the event......

A talk by the wonderful Costume Historian, Gillian Stapleton entitled "Undressing Mr Darcy". Gillian has probably the best job in the whole world. She advises films about historical costumes, hand sews all the costumes for her talks, and gets to undress, garment by garment, the very lovely Mr Darcy - who on this occasion was even more handsome than Colin Firth. As well as being extremely funny and highly entertaining, the talk was historically educational. Gillian and her accomplice - who I think was called Oliver - read us passages from newspapers from the period and quotes from times too.
I couldn't get close enough to take great photos. He looked utterly magnificent in his costume and top hat......

but I stood up and threw caution to the wind when he got his kit off! Well, I have to keep my readers happy!!!
I am still very much in love with Mr Darcy.
Sadly, Gillian isn't doing anymore of this talk, but I would love to see the other talks she does.

Thursday 24 March 2011

Twisted Firestarter

Last night was the first time this year that hubby and I ate outside. It was a lovely warm evening and we lit the fire pit to burn the logs that we had been drying from our pruning of a tree. I can't remember ever being able to sit outside for so long in March before.

We sat out until around 10pm. Its one of my favourite things to do.
Here's hoping for many more this year.

Gifts of Love

I finally got round to unpacking from my weekend jaunt and can now show you the lovely gifts I received.
Clare - needlewoman extraordinaire - had hand sewn this beautiful Dresden plate patchwork. She puts fabrics together beautifully. I am going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen.

Lisa brought me a selection of wonderful heart shaped goodies and some pretty vintage braid. I have plans for the braid (watch this space) . I have put the gorgeous glass heart on a ribbon I bought at the stitchcraft show in Manchester (and am wearing it today along with the earrings). The marshmallows were toasted on my fire in the garden last night and the gorgeous little ramekin is waiting to sit on a painted shelf in the kitchen.
Thank you so much ladies - I love my

Wednesday 23 March 2011


On our way home from Southampton, we decided to stop off and have a look around Oxford - a city we have passed often, but never visited. It was almost a none starter though when hubby and the young man noticed how much the car parking fees were!!

So to save you money, come wander around Oxford with me. Jesus Christ College and the meadow down to the river was stunning - actually it all was.

Lots of gates to peep through.

Stunning streets.

I nearly got my camera confiscated here - they were filming a Bollywood film and the security men didn't like curiosity! Hence no photos of the filming!

Stunning details on all of the buildings - sounds of wonderful music wafting out from inside.

Fascinating facts.

Wonderful vista's

Dreaming spires

Bountiful blossoms

Beautiful Bridges

The young man wondered what the average IQ was of the residents of Oxford - considerably higher than that of Rotherham we suspect! Especially if the conversations that we eaves dropped in were anything to go by.

It was certainly a great place to spend exploring on Sunday.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

I spotted...

... this in Oxford on Sunday morning, and couldn't help but think that she could have written a brilliant blog!

I love the way she is remembered as a Pre-Raphaelite Muse and Embroiderer!


.....officially arrives for me when the daffodils line the path down to Wentworth Church.....
...and the frog spawn appears in the ponds.

I reckon its here.

Sunday 20 March 2011

Why football can be a good thing.

Last year, Hubby and the young man were devastated when their football team, Sheffield Wednesday were demoted to a lower league. However one blogger - with her finger on the pulse - noted that her local team would be in the same league, so there may be the chance of a meet up.

So, as the young man had never been to an away game, and it was hubby's birthday, I organised an away weekend to Southampton - the other end of the country - so that they could watch their beloved team lose 2-0 to Southampton.

Actual, that's what they thought - but the real reason was that I could meet 2 of my favourite bloggers. I was supposed to meet them in the park, by the monument for the Titanic Engineers. The park had about 100 monuments in it, and nobody in Southampton knew where this monument was!!! How could they not!! It is a beautiful monument.

And then they arrived!! The wonderful Lisa from Jumble and Jelly and the gorgeous Clare from Summerfete. Lisa brought her amazing children S and T who were so entertaining and had so much stamina to keep up with us all day!
(as you can see, Clare was actually the centre of attention all day, but she did bring chocolate - so fair do's).

I find it amazing that relative strangers can meet and get on so well. We chatted and laughed and got on famously all day - I can't find the words to tell you how lovely it was. It was like meeting old friends - but then again, I knew it would be. Although we 3 have totally different lives, we also have so much in common - we never stopped talking all day!. We had a truly wonderful time. Lisa had organised some tremendous blue sky, a cultural tour, a bit of shopping, a picnic and a wonderful and much needed tea stop (where time stood still and we seemed to spend well over an hour and a half drinking 3 cups of tea!!!!).

Clare was glad they brought me as she thought I might make Southampton look good in my photos - but I think the blue sky did that! This used to be the hotel where liner passengers (and the Titanic passengers) would have spent the night before their voyage,

And this was the offices of the White Star line where relatives of the crew waited for news of loved ones.

And near this spot, King Canute tried to hold back the tides (I didn't realise that he did this in Southampton!!!)

And some of the crew of the Titanic missed the ship as they were drinking in here!!

All too soon, we had to say goodbye - we had spent almost 8 hours together, but it went by far too fast.
Here's hoping that both teams are in the same league next year! Otherwise I'll have to find another excuse for visiting Southampton!!!
Lots of love to you both ladies - I am so happy to have you for my "blends" (bloggy friends according to Clare's hubby)

Thursday 17 March 2011


Yesterday morning I received an email from a PR company in London - Somehow they had stumbled across my blog, and they invited me to go along to a free Zumba class which was going to be held that evening at the City Limits Dance Studios in Hillsborough. The PR company (3 Monkeys - great name!) were doing some work for a scheme called LivingSocial - which appears to be a little like Groupon.

As I would turn up to the opening of an envelope these days (or so says my hubby!) I duly went along togged up for Zumba. The class was great - and really well attended. The dance studios are a far nicer environment for getting fit and losing weight than smelly gyms and Zumba is so much more fun than "Bums n Tums" type of exercise. The lovely Emma from 3 Monkeys (on the right of the photo) who had turned up straight from the big smoke by train minutes before the class started, was surprised at how friendly the class was. No "head to toe perfect" Gym Bunnies - just lovely ladies in comfy trackies dancing their little hearts out. LivingSocial are going to be offering these classes at a reduced price shortly, so check 'em out. The gorgeous girl on the left is Lauren who had just taken the class and was worried how she might look on the photo!!!!

Ive been going to Zumba classes at my local village hall for a couple of weeks now, and I'm really enjoying it. The lady who takes our classes there has reduced from a size 16/18 to a size 10 in just 1 year by doing 3 classes per week - I have high hopes for losing a stone!! By Christmas I may look like Lauren and Emma!!!

Many thanks Emma for inviting me along - I am amazed that you can sit in London and after a few clicks on a keyboard can find me out in the sticks!. Ive driven past City Limits many times but never gone in. And many thanks to Lauren for a fun and energetic class, and a tour around your great facilities.