Sunday 31 March 2013

British Summer Time

Yesterday, Hubby and I ventured out into the Peak District  for another long walk - we have really missed getting out and about what with one thing and another.  We did wonder how much snow we would find, and we found tons!

 We decided to walk around the Longshaw Estate and Paley Gorge - just outside of Sheffield. It seems unbelievable that we moved our clocks forward heralding the start of British Summer Time!
 The estate is managed my the National Trust and they had an Easter Egg trail on the go - I loved this little woodland creature house .
 It was as bitterly cold as it looks, but the snow does make it even more spectacular out here - and it is unbelievably spectacular to start with!
 Thankfully, we had some sunshine and blue sky too.

 It did also have a flurry of snow while we were walking - will it never end!
 We called at the Station Cafe in Grindleford for a sit down and sustenance before continuing through Padley Gorge.  It was quite tricky walking on the snow and ice and I felt that my legs got a very good workout!

 We had set out early on our walk as we had to drop the DQ off at work.  We finished fairly early and didn't want to go home, so we decided to drive out to Eyam.  I have to say that the drive up to Eyam was very scary with 10 feet snow drifts on one side and a sheer drop on the other side, and one very icy single track road inbetween!
 We were both too tired to do a full walk around the village, but we managed a walk along the main road.
 Eyam was the plague village and the school gates have the words to "Ring a ring a roses" on the gates -
 Eyam hall has just been handed over to the National Trust - I think we will visit in Summer when the gardens have some colour.
In spite of the extremely cold weather, I am enjoying my lovely long weekend.

Friday 29 March 2013

Spurn Point

After a brief discussion about where we should head today - hubby and I decided upon Spurn Point - my favourite weirdest place in the UK.  If you don't know where it is, you can see the very long spit of sand here, just past Hull on the East Yorkshire Coast.

 Spurn Point has lots to interest me.  The Geography, Geology, Wildlife and history.  Yorkshire Wildlife Trust now own the spit.  The last time we came here was about 8 years ago, and then you could drive right to the end - but we were informed today that the road has disappeared and so we had to park 3 miles from the end and walk.
 The place is very atmospheric and you really do get "4 seasons in one day" here.  The sun came out - but it was bitterly cold.
 I really enjoyed our very bracing and longer than expected walk.
 You can see here that the road has gone on this very narrow part of the spit.
 There it is - all over the beach!
 Spurn Point has the only full time RNLI crew in the UK.  They are still housed on the end of the spit, but I don't think that their families live out here anymore.

 The Harbour pilots for the Humber are stationed here too.

 The beaches are vast and full of every kind of flotsam and jestsom and great pieces of driftwood.

 Back at the cafe (which has amazing cake, fab coffee and a bit of a visitor centre) we learned how even though we thought that the spit might disappear for good in time, it actually won't.  Mans involvement and preoccupation with trying to save it from erosion has actually made it worse.  By leaving it to the tides and nature, it will move - it needs to move - but it will never disappear.I found this fascinating.

 I also really loved the picture that an artist had made out of plastic he had found on the beaches (there is absolutely tons of it)
 He hasn't coloured any of it - just arranged it.  Genius!
 The Holderness coastline around here is one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the UK.  I loved this sign on the cafe stating that it had been built in 1847 and was 534 yards from the sea.  When it was restored in 1994, it only sits 190 yards from the sea.  The village centre is now under the sea.
 The old wartime sea defences are now scattered all over the beach.  You can actually peer into the old underground bunkers further along - but hubby was complaining bitterly about the cold!
I really love Spurn Point - it is a totally amazing place.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Le Weekend

So like much of the north, we suffered a hug fall of snow just in time for the weekend - and it is still here!  It shows no sign of shifting.  A couple of weeks ago, I was out spotting the first signs of spring - daffodils on the church path - but these are now well and truly covered in a deep layer of snow.

 As pretty as it looks, I think its fair to say that even the kids are getting well and truly fed up with it now.  There is a time and place for everything, and snow at Easter is not on!
Thankfully, it didn't stop me attending a Janet Clare day at Hope and Elvis studio in Welbeck.
 Along with my lovely friend Lyn from Everyday Life, we had planned to make a very special Pinny each.
 After  quick introductions and instructions by Janet, we all set about creating, and chatting and catching up on gossip!  Louise did explain to others that Lyn and I were good at working and talking at the same time!  I think this is an excellent skill!
 Ta da! Our finished articles! Janet is on the right in the pinny that inspired us.  Lyn in the middle in her finished article that I think she could wear out in public, and me on the left in one I made from tablecloths!

 I love the Bee's that Lyn had stitched onto hers.
 And here is some of the detail that I added to mine.
 My favourite phrase and the one my husband hates!
 And my special little patch that Janet made me - my school knickname!  I am in love with my pinny and I have added a few special items to it since I got home.
I always say that a day at Louise's is like therapy.  Ive lost my creative mojo a lot lately - running out of patience when things don't go right, but at Louise's studio it is a whole new ball game.  The social interaction is something you don't get when sewing at home, and the inspiration from other like minded souls is wonderful.  I'm now looking to see what else I can book myself onto!

Thursday 21 March 2013

Slow news week

Nothing much happening in Heartshaped Land - just sat waiting for a ton of snow to be delivered over the weekend to ruin my plans!!!  Enjoy one of my favourite versions of this song.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Clifton Village

I have to say that the bit of Bristol I loved the most was Clifton Village.  I could quite happily live here (except it is rather steep in parts!!).  It has some of the largest houses I have ever seen - the wealthy merchants houses, as well as beautiful terraced villa's and several crescents.  

The Clifton suspension bridge is daunting! A tremendous feat of engineering by old Isambard Kingdom Brunel and a nightmare to maintain I bet.
It is really really really high up over the Avon Gorge.  We walked across it, I got scared!

I need a house with an Edwardian canopy and balcony.
I thought that York Crescent was very very pretty.  Each house had large windows so that I could nosey poke into peoples homes.  The rooms were enormous - I don't know how people managed to decorate - or heat!! these rooms.

It reminded me slightly of Montmatre in Paris - you are so very high over the rest of the city here.
It was Saturday afternoon when we visited and the place had such a great vibe to it.  The shops and cafes are mainly individual ones - not may chains.  I like this sort of a place, they tend to feel unique.  There seemed to be a lot happening too - I loved the "buzzing" atmosphere.
I would highly recommend Clifton for a look around.  It has my vote.