Saturday 29 June 2013

Sheffield Manor Flower Festival

You already know that Sheffield Manor is my newest favourite place to visit, and I thought the flower festival it was holding today would be worth dropping in on as they specialise in displays of wild flowers.  It was.

 The site is a true oasis in the middle of the huge post war social housing estate.  It has everything I love - History, gardening, flowers and fab cake.
 They also specialise in "green roofs"  I love this idea for a garden shed.

 According to the lady, they featured this Lavender and Honey cake on The One Show this week.  I can vouch that it is very good cake.  I'll have to dig out the recipe.
 Mary Queen of Scots (whom we imprisoned at one time at Sheffield Manor) put in an appearance.
 The displays of wild flowers were gorgeous - I bought a bargain bucket of seeds to grow next year.

 There were giant knitted and crochet flowers

 I'm glad we went and showed our support.
And the Caribbean Curry from the man with the van was the best curry I have ever tasted!

Thursday 27 June 2013

Beside the sea

Perhaps it will be the small details that I will remember from our holiday at Seasalter....

 or perhaps the wildlife.......

 or just being by the sea........

 but I think it will be the spectacle of the amazing sunsets - completely different every night and the best way ever to finish the day off.....

I need a beach house.  Seriously.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Leeds Castle - Gardens

Come wander around the gardens at Leeds Castle with me.

Always love Gunnera

 I wish you could smell these roses - they were beautiful.

 I wish I knew what these roses were called.  They were a little bit like "Blue Moon" but a few shades darker.  Does any body know?

Monday 24 June 2013

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle (in Kent, not Leeds) has been on my "list" for some time.  I think because of the moat!  It always looks such a romantic place.  So on a bit of a damp day, we trotted along for a visit.

 It didn't disappoint.  It stands in a very lovely setting and is very well maintained.
 The castle is very old and parts of it show how it would have been lived in when Henry VIII would have stayed here - which he frequently did en route to France.
 He didn't travel light, and obviously was not fond of foreign food as he took his own!  I wonder if the dolphin was tinned? Love the amount of Eels - Owd 'Enery must have been from the East End!
 What surprised me though was the part of the castle that had been lived in up until recent times - by Lady Baillie (in the white dress).  She was something of a socialite and film stars of the day (David Niven, Errol Flynn etc) would frequently stay.
 The rooms that she occupied were very glamorous.

 I bet she felt like a princess living here.

 The history of the castle was very interesting as it was often passed down to the wife.  It was often just given away too as owners were often given better offers - ie jobs as governors of American states! They just upped and left!
 It was lovely to wander around the grounds when the drizzle stopped.

 I loved the rare black swans - so dramatic.
 And the strutting peacock.
 We also enjoyed a display by the Falconer - always so amazing to watch.

I'll take you on a stroll around the gardens tomorrow.