Friday 29 August 2014

Wentworth Castle, Stainborough

The recent Bank Holiday here in the UK was very hit and miss with the weather, but overall, we didn't too badly for getting out and about.  On Saturday, we had a lovely trip to Southwell in Nottinghamshire - but I forgot my camera!!!!!  Don't worry - I shall go back!
On Sunday, hubby and I visited Wentworth Castle - which is in Stainborough (not Wentworth).  Only the gardens are open to the public as the house is used as a college.

 The views from the gardens are fabulous all way around.  It's hard to believe tat you are looking out over a previously very industrial landscape.  Barnsley's mining industry is no more and Mother Nature has taken back these spaces.
 Our main reason for visiting was the recent opening of the newly renovated conservatory.  The last time we visited this was in a terrible state, but they have painstakingly stripped away 39 layers of paint, disassembled, then reassembled the structure and the result is quite stunning.
 The planting needs to get going a bit as it all is very new, but it will be great to watch how it all fills out.
 They were having a mystery for the children to solve in here and also in the gardens.

 This statue had a very interesting story.....
 I hope that you can read it.

 We walked up through Lady Lucy's Lime Tree Walk.

 We found the deer.  Although I think they disguised themselves very well.

 I think they make a very pretty picture.

 We walked all around the extensive parkland calling in to look at the newly restored follies.

 We had a great walk around this very special place.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

St Malo

We treated ourselves to an overnight stay in St Malo so that we could take down the tent and drive back north at our leisure.

 The walled town itself was heaving, so we amused ourselves on the vast beaches and walking around the city walls.

 We also walked around the harbour admiring the tall ships and the super yachts.
 Super yachts all owned by Saudi Princes of course!  This one was so big that I thought it might be our ferry home!!!! I wish!

 I don't know which forest they cut down to build the breakwater defence  around the town but there are literally thousand of trees driven deep into the sand in front of the sea wall.
 The town has many opulent old hotels/apartments dotted on the promenade.
 Such fabulous art deco detailing close up.

 The next morning we were up early to catch our day time ferry home.  We departed at 9.30 am
 We sailed past Dinard

 It was such a gorgeous day - really warm and calm.  We sat out on the deck all the way home which is something I hadn't expected to do.  It felt as if we were on a Mediterranean cruise!

 We saw the odd lone sailor,
 and had plenty to look at most of the way as we cruised past the Channel Islands and the coast of France.
 But about a mile off the coast of The Isle of Wight, we encountered very grey skies and the temperature dropped very suddenly.
And it's been slightly like that ever since!!  What happened to our Summer?  It was perfectly fine when we left!  I was sad that our French Adventure was over as we had a great time.  But all good things must come to an end.  Until next time.....