Sunday 29 July 2012

Sheffield's Victorian Graveyard

The weather couldn't make up its mind what to do today, so hubby suggested a walk on Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale - my favourite area's of the city, but on a Sunday most of my fave shops are shut (he's not daft is he!!).  However, after he had treated me to a delicious lunch at the Greek deli, and a window shop, he came up trumps by pointing me in the direction of the City's old Victorian Cemetery - somewhere I didn't know existed! (I think he has chased villians around these parts at unearthly times of the morning!).

 It is a lovely area and lots of groups of people were picnincking.  It sits immediately behind  Ecclesall Road.
 We explored lots of the paths and discovered some amazing Victorian graves.

 It makes me want to know the stories behind each and every one of them.  The website gives a taster of some of the people in the graves - I really would love to know more.  A lot of them seemed to have been "Merchants".
I discovered that this was the grave of Mark Firth who was one of Sheffields Steel founders and as importantly, founded Sheffield University.

 I read that the "Non Conformist Chapel" is earmarked for a little restoration.  I would love to see inside these boarded up places.
 It is somewhere that I really want to explore a little more - a fascinating and historical place.  It even has a Geology trail as it was built on the site of an old quarry.
 The church is  derelict  but the emptyness just adds to the atmosphere of the place.

 It takes me by surprise when I find an area as fascinating as this in an area that I thought I knew very well.  I'm going to look out  for a tour and learn more about it's occupants and how they built and shaped Sheffield.


When I was little, my dad always used to plant lots of Mesembryanthemum's in out garden for summer. As gardening fashions changed, these jewels seemed to go out of favour, but when I saw some for sale at the garden centre earlier on, I thought I would plant some - for nostalgic reasons.

 This week in the UK, we have had our long awaited Summer weather, and these gorgeous bright plants have sparkled in my garden.  I shall plant lots more next year.
 We have been determined to make the most of the summer evenings and have walked to the local pub garden for our tea after work.

 Afterwards, we wandered down the quiet lanes,
 through the fields - noting that the "Sunflower" crop seems to have failed!

 The pretty sandstone cottages in Wentworth displayed huge blooms - such lovely colours.
 The weather is predicting that the hot weather is coming to an end, so I'm glad we made the most of every minute of it.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

War time Sheffield

On Saturday morning, we headed for Kelham Island Museum as they were holding a 1940's wartime weekend.  

 I loved the props and the costumes and the singing and dancing - all great fun.  But the most poignant moment for me was in one of the talks about the Sheffield Blitz.  A very frail white haired older lady had been telling the speaker that she used to work in the steel works when all the men had been conscripted.  She looked about 7 stone wet through and she had been one of Sheffield's "Women of Steel" .  She loved listening to all the stories, but had to put her hands over her ears when they played 
the air raid siren and sounds of the bombs dropping.  I think she could have done without those memories.  I watched her later out in the yard - her foot tapping to the band music.  What an absolute treasure.  

 It wasn't very busy as it was the same weekend as Tramlines, but it had a great atmosphere.
 I heard this afternoon on the radio that a German UXB had been uncovered in a busy car park in Hillsborough today whilst they were digging down to put a new sign up.  I bet Sheffield has a fair few of these scattered around - It doesn't bear thinking about!
 I caught this chap having a cheeky 40 winks.

 And we had a bit of a telling off from Winston Churchill as he didn't like women gossiping over the garden fence!

Sunday 22 July 2012

Tramlines 2012

I have to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed this weekends events here in Sheffield.  The Tramlines Music Festival is a totally free to attend event held in the heart of the city.  There is something for everyone, and with this weekends fabulous weather the crowds were out enjoying themselves.

 The festival had a wonderful atmosphere.  Every where you went there were families, couples, groups - young and old having a great time.  There is so much to see and do over the 3 days.
 The Jazz in Leopold square was perfect for a Sunday afternoon.  With "Out of Town" Shopping malls etc killing off our city centres, I think this is a great way to entice people in their thousands back into the heart of the city.  The bars and restaurants were full to bursting.  The atmosphere was amazing.  Sitting in Leopold Square in the blazing sunshine we felt as if we were somewhere in France.

 And the rock music in the Peace Gardens kept my hubby very happy.
Its not only music, they had fun fairs, and the most gorgeous of food stalls.  They had a couple of Ale and Cider festivals running along side too.  The street entertainers were great.  This chap was juggling with knives whilst balancing on a ladder.
 And these ladies really made me smile - check out some of their videos on Granny Tourismo
 Think Hinge & Brackett but with funky music and very sexy moves!
 The highlight of the weekend for us though was the much anticipated Everly Pregnant Brothers 1st session.  They recreated the Beatles playing on the roof at Abbey Road studios - but on the toilet block roof at the Fat Cat pub in Kelham Island.  Genius and they didn't disappoint, singing their hilarious old numbers and a few really funny new ones too.
I don't have to tell you that Sheffield totally rocks!

Saturday 21 July 2012

Inspiration for an artist

The area of East Yorkshire where we camped last weekend provided much inspiration for the artist David Hockney.

 He is a Bridlington boy and must have travelled through these wolds millions of times.
 The workers cottages are well kept in Sledmere and their own gardens a delight.

 We thoroughly enjoyed our mini break out in East Yorkshire and the weather was very very kind to us - as you can tell.

 On our return to the campsite on Saturday evening, we seemed to chase a storm that had gone before us - making the sunset on Garrowby Hill very spectacular.

My appetite is whetted and I can't wait for my next camping trip.