Tuesday 28 December 2010

A cheap date.

One of the things that Mr Heartshaped loves about me, is the fact that I am a cheap date. He knew exactly where I would like to go for our Wedding Anniversary meal.

We had to get up early to take the Dancing Queen to work (her last day and the shops have been MENTAL and so she will be glad to finish, and hopefully her mood will sweeten too!), and so we thought we would take advantage of the early start.

One of my favourite walks (and I realise that I do say his a lot about many different walks) is the one from Sharrow, just on the outskirts of Sheffield, through Endcliffe Parks and out towards the Peak District. I love the way you move from City to Countryside, I love the way you walk through so much Industrial history, I love the beauty and tranquility of it, and I love the many cafes en route.

This building belongs to the company of Wilsons & Co snuff makers of Sharrow Mill. They have been here since 1737. I think it is the most fabulous building.

The walk takes you through the Porter Valley, where the Porter Brook, one of Sheffield's rivers runs. The Porter Brook was one of the reasons that industry sprang up in Sheffield. The river has most of the dams and mill ponds remaining along the way, and several of the old mills and cottages remain.

Its hard to imagine how this area would have looked back in the early 1700's . I would love to step back in time to see it. Its also a brilliant example of how Mother Nature takes back what is hers when we have finished with it. Although the big thaw has begun, all is not what it seems. The ground is still very frozen, and a slight rain fall last night had turned the paths into an ice rink!

I love the way you happen upon a relic from the past.

This is one of the Industrial museums of Sheffield. The old Shepherd Wheel is being restored. I shall be having a visit when it reopens. The paint on the shutters may look fairly bright, but it is the original "Ochre" that it would have been painted in.

As it was early, there was hardly anyone around. We were lucky to hear a Woodpecker (but we couldn't see it.)
And finally our destination - The fabulous 1950's Forge Dam Cafe. It has been recently renovated (basically to stop it falling down!) but it looks more or less as it always has done.

It really is just a wooden hut with a corrugated roof, but its wonderful. They were playing Dean Martin when we went in - lovely.

And our Anniversary meal - a great big breakfast. And I was ready for it I can tell you!


Kathy said...

That sounds exactly the right way to celebrate 19 years ... together doing something you both enjoy. And a slap up breakfast? Can't be bettered!
Love Kathy xxx

cieldequimper said...

That is so unfair. Now at almost dinnertime I want breakfast. ;-) Ha, I've got eggs. No bangers though :-(
What a lovely, lovely walk, I agree the building is fabulous and I don't think the red is that bright at all.
Oh... and happy anniversary!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Well this is a bit late, but happy Anniversary. My OH would heartily approve of your meal of choice and the venue looks very interesting. Love the tour on the way, you do live in a beautiful part of the country and it is so lovely to hear how you enjoy it.
Have a great 2011
Jenny x

Diane said...

It sounds a pretty good way to spend your anniversary together to me. Lovely photos and what a breakfast :) I was surprised that there were people sat at one of the tables outside, Brrrrrr. Diane

Louise said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad you had a nice day, looks like a lovely walk.

BadPenny said...

aww our anniversary gets lost - day before New Year's eve- yours looked fun

Mac n' Janet said...

Your breakfast looks fabulous! I love going out for breakfast. Happy anniversary.

Twiggy said...

Phwoar that looks a lovely fry up!!
Happy anniversary to you, I'm a cheap date too, if it makes you happy who cares :)
Twiggy x

John Going Gently said...

you fat gits!!!

lovely blog!

Janet said...

That breakfast looked gorgeous-just what you need after a winters walk -I could just eat that myself now !

Just Original said...

A perfect date!

Vanessa x

Vintage Tea Time said...

It's great that you have such lovely walks nearby and enjoy them so much. And a great Anniversary meal!! Abby

Rebecca said...

wowweeee, that breakfast looks amazing! What a lovely post too :) I live just the other side of sharrow vale! My dad used to have an allotment near forge dam and most weekends we would walk from home to the allotment to look after the veg and on to the cafe for a breakfast.... looks like you take the exact same walk! x

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect!

Lyn said...

Excellent way to celebrate your anniversary, many Congrats to you both by the way!

menopausalmusing said...

Belated congratulations and I just LOVE your anniversary meal, perfect!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Breakfast out is just the best...our favorite every time. Love the photos and the history lesson, as always!

Rosie said...

What a great way to celebrate - an interesting walk and a super breakfast - glad you enjoyed it:)

A garden just outside Venice said...

I wonder how did you cope with all that food :)

Lee said...

I'm planning to take a friend from Leeds walking along this route; all the way from the railway station to Fox House. We did the Meanwood Valley Trail in Leeds in Leeds a couple of months ago; it was alright, but I'm sure he'll find this walk to be far superior...it's the nearest equivalent I can think of - starting from the station and leading through a green corridor all the way to open countryside. Very open countryside walking across Houndkirk Moor.