Tuesday 15 October 2013

Cold Turkey in Paris

What kind of blogger goes to Paris for a week and forgets to pack their camera charger? What a dipstick!  In fairness when I was buying my new camera I did tell the sales assistant that I was worried that would happen, and I was convinced that I had packed it.

 So I can't show you some of the stunning places we visited.  Places like the home of author Victor Hugo (which I really liked ) and the wonderful St Pauls district which we stumbled upon by accident.
 Hubby said that on the plus side, we actually got to see more places as we weren't hanging about shooting pictures (he gets very annoyed when I photograph everything - I'm sure some of you have a similar problem !!)
 And I did spend a fortune on a "Universal "charger which I was assured would fit - but didn't.

 But I did manage to capture some of lovely sights we saw and the best of the weather.  It turned from a very warm 21 degrees to 8 degrees overnight towards the end of the week!
 With more time to spend, I noticed much much more detail - Notre Dame has so much to see.

 The islands in the Seine are always a big draw too.  We did want to visit the Concierge, but it was closed unfortunately.
 On Friday, we used the Batobus to save our legs.  Money well spent!
 And our very romantic moment a deux under the twinkling Eiffel Tower was slightly ruined by the young man at Uni ringing me with some clothing washing emergency!
 But once I'd sorted him out, we enjoyed our saunter through the Champs du Mars.

 A trip to Versaille on Tuesday saw my battery finally die and from then on I had to go cold turkey.
 So I couldn't photograph our visit to the stunning Potager du Roi (the royal walled garden which was amazing).
What a plank!  I'm still annoyed with myself!!
One thing I really loved in Paris was that they don't faff about changing the clocks like we do, so it was noticeably lighter until later on.  I do think it's time we stopped messing about with our clocks - I really don't like these dark evenings.


Jan said...

Gorgeous photos - I especially like the 'dramatic sky'. Jx

Patricia said...

Well for someone who didn't have much battery left you've certainly given us plenty of pictures to be getting on with. They're lovely and a marvellous insight into your Parisienne trip. It looks like you had a fabulous time and I agree it's so nice to have lighter evenings. So glad you enjoyed your trip.
Patricia x

Rowan said...

The photos you did take make me even more determined to go to Paris again next year!

tlcukjourney said...

Gorgeous photos of Paris!
Tammy x

Gilly said...

I loved those night time photos - really great shots of the Eiffel Tower! There really is so much to see in the details of all these places, isn't there? And I think the French do faff around with their clocks, only they do it later than the US. We change ours in the UK about the last weekend in October - and I hate the dark afternoons, too!

Rosie said...

I can imagine you itching to take photos as you visted all those wonderful places but I bet you have so many happy memories:)

WinnibriggsHouse said...

You may think you have missed some great photo opportunities, but what you captured us a delight. Glad you got to enjoy the trip, and what's more that hubby obviously did!

topchelseagirl said...

You managed to get some great photos before your battery died.

Curtise said...

You still managed to get some stunning shots, Diane. And as for the places you missed out on photographing? Well, you'll just have to go back again, won't you?! xxx

Sandy's witterings said...

Only the other day I was reading another blog where the blogger had left his camera memory card out of the camera - it was surprising how many others had done it - including myself. Not having the recharger isn't quite as bad but in Paris, tres unfortunate. You got some good pictures with what charge you did have - it's somewhere I've always wanted to go.

I really have to put a good word in for Greenwich Mean Time - in the years where we didn't have it in the early 70s, I remember going to school in the dark. We didn't even live that far up Scotland. Further north it must have been worse, it really wasn't a great idea (though not so apparent further south). No problem getting rid of the clock faff but keeping GMT instead of British Summer Time.

Lisa said...

How annoying about the charger!
What a brilliant idea Mr H had about going to Paris though, he can have a few more of those!
I get comments like ' I thought we were having a walk, which means we actually move and not keep stopping!'
Lisa x