Tuesday 15 April 2014

A very yellow springtime walk

The walking group that we joined recently is holding a week long walking festival where they are walking in the local area every day.  I am managing to walk all but 2 of the walks and loving walking a fair few miles every day.  

 The walk was through Barnburgh and High Melton.  Two very pretty villages near Doncaster
 As you can see, we had the perfect Day for it.
 Plenty of our group ended up with runny noses and streaming eyes after a walk through these very yellow fields.
 Several members who I have not met before joined the walk - it's lovely meeting new people and having time to chat as we walk.
 The grass in this field had recently been cut....
 and we think this quite large snake may have been a victim of the grass cutter!!

We wondered whether these holes in this tree might have been made by Woodpeckers.  There were 2 of them - one underneath the other.  I said I would ask you knowledgeable lot as I am sure you will know!!
 And I have permission from his mummy to show you this lovely chatterboxes smiley face.  He keeps me entertained all the way round.  He wanted his photo taking doing a "cheese" whilst eating his cheese sandwich.  Our leader keeps a record of all the individuals who take part in every walk.  Since July 2013 this little 3 year old has walked over 56 miles so far - which I think is truly amazing.


Louise said...

well it was a lovely walk until I saw that poor decapitated grass snake. Now I am sad for the snake!

John Going Gently said...

The guy with the bald spot....I think I know him

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely walk! I love that your young little friend has done so many miles! He will be a world class champion walker one day if he keeps it up! No idea on the holes, but I see three in a row and wonder if a woodpecker just kept trying until it found a soft enough spot? I am not very good on birds though so that might all be nonsense! xx

Patricia said...

Beautiful walk. I just love all these yellow fields too, they are so pretty.

Curtise said...

What a beautiful day! Gorgeous photos of your walk, Diane, and yes, I am very impressed with the young rambler, he's got stamina - must be the cheese sandwiches! No idea about the holes, but the second one seems very big to have been made by a woodpecker... But I know nothing, so that could indeed be the answer! xxx

Rosie said...

What a lovely walk - so cheerful with all the yellow but as you say not good for some allergy sufferers. I don't like snakes but do feel sorry for it. Your young rambling friend is amazing - I bet he was ready for the sandwich using all that energy:)

Lisa said...

Poor old snake!
Love that photo of the yellow field.
Your little friend is a real sweetie.
Lisa x