Saturday 21 February 2015

Emily Sutton's Town and Country

One of the most precious things that blogging has brought me has been the friendship of Lyn from Everyday Life.  We don't live near each other, but we live near enough to meet up often and share our interests (of which there are many!).   I never thought for one moment when I started blogging that it would bring me so many wonderful real friendships.   Lyn had mentioned meeting up with husbands this time at the YSP to take a look at the Emily Sutton Exhibition "Town & Country".  The husbands had never met before.

So off we pootled last week on a bit of a damp day to meet up,   The exhibition has been fantastic ( I have to confess I've been to see it a few times) - the sheer volume of work by Emily Sutton was amazing and each and every picture and bird is a true work of art.  There is so much detail attached to each piece.  I may have to buy a few prints.  I loved them.
It was lovely to wander around with my friend who pointed out details I hadn't noticed.  Lyn's husband is a good artist too and appreciated the work that went into each work - from the smallest miniature to the larger pieces.  All so very different.  My hubby loved the subject matter - especially the French market scenes.
I wish I could draw and paint.  It was a privilege to see Emily's sketch pads - so very interesting.

We all loved her embroidered birds - so many of them!  Lyn and I said that we could probably make these - then looked at each other and laughed!
The colours and detail were spot on.  This was my hubby's favourite.

We went for a wander around the park, we noticed plenty of birds making lots of noise in the trees.

The Chapel has an interesting exhibition at the moment.  A Song for Coal which has an interesting visual display accompanied by music from Opera North.
I think ther were deciding how it had been made!
The visual projection is taken from a design from a church window in Paris.
The individual segments change frequently......
... and are made up of individual pictures and videos.  I think I might pop back and watch the full run of this.

I enjoy a wander around YSP any time of year, bit it was made extra special with my lovely pal.
We were left to snap away  whilst the chaps wandered off moaning to each other about how long a walk takes with bloggers who spot even the tiniest of detail!

I'm sure Lyn will have a very similar post at some stage!

Sadly, the day was over too soon.  We spun it out with coffee and delicious cake, but the park was almost closing so we had to say au revoir - until the next time.
On the way back to our car, hubby and I were treated to Starlings swarming - which was a fantastic sight.  Hundreds and hundreds of them flying over our heads and landing in the tree tops.
They make a fabulous sight.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Lyn and Hubby - we really enjoyed your company and can't wait for our next get together soon.


Rustic Vintage Country said...

That sure looks like a special and fun filled day to me! Suzy x

Angel Jem said...

Blog friends are so special; I love how people meet virtually and forge real friendships!

primrosesattic said...

What a great friendship you have both found. And a fab day out .

Plain Jane said...

What a lovely day - made even better by sharing it with your special friend. I've never been to YSP - how lucky you are to have it so near! Jane x

Mac n' Janet said...

How wonderful. I've made some incredible bloggy friends and can't imagine being without them now.

mondoagogo said...

Ooh, starling murmurations are so magical!

Jan said...

It looks like you had a fabulous day out. Jx

Lisa said...

I'm glad you all had such a good day, topped off with cake! Those birds are beautiful.
Blog friends rule!
Lisa x

Young at Heart said...

A magical exhibition!!x

Lyn said...

Oh you have made me get a tear in my eye! So beautifully put, I love meeting up with you Diane, and it is like we have known each other for so long!
My post was a bit hurried together and I forgot to put a few photos on so I'm going back to put them in.
National Coal Miming museum Next?

Curtise said...

It's so true - blogging brings unexpected benefits, like real life pals!
You know I love YSP, and as ever your photos do it justice. Love all the birds - embroidered and real! xxx

snowbird said...

I loved this post as it brought back memories ... I did my Teacher training there at Bretton Hall. Four years of seeing the park day after day. Shame the beautiful Hall has been left standing empty for the last few years. I think there are plans for it but these things take time.
Thank you for a 'virtual' trip


Amy at love made my home said...

So many incredible and beautiful things, especially those incredible embroidered birds - how wonderful are they!! xx

Unknown said...

What a lovely day out! The bird pics were amazing - both the embroidered and the real. It's lovely to see pink roses too - even though they were inside. It's a hopeful reminder of the summer to come (eventually).

nilly said...

I should think your wonderful bird photos would inspire Emily Sutton, who, by the way, we often see at a local car boot sale!

Katharine A said...

Been following Lyn's blog for a while. Now just found yours. Would love to visit. YSP. Whilst those stitched birds are amazing, I really like the stained glass windows/films. One day I'll get to Yorkshire.

Lynn Holland said...

This was a real two for one experience, I've popped across from Lyn's blog.
What a fun day you've had