Sunday 15 March 2009

Sunday sorted

Not a great picture I'm afraid, still getting to grips with all the dials - and with my old eyes!!! But you get the idea. I found myself at a loose end this morning. Hubby working all weekend (which I hate) The Dancing Queen had gone off to her Dance Class, The Young Man was still in bed, so I made a delicious bacon, cheese and onion panini, full pot of coffee, and settled down with my recent library book, Hughs Rivercottage Family cookbook - breakfast Alfresco - the best start to the day. Once the Young Man had arisen, and couldnt find any friends to entertain him, I decided that he and I should go for a long walk. We walked for 3 hours and enjoyed conversations about Playstation3's, cars, Jeremy Clarkson, jobs he wants to do when he is older (anything with a "geo" in the title) the subjects he is going to take at school next year(he will be year 10 then), the new and revolting flavour's of Walkers crisps etc etc. Whilst I could not add an opinion about most of the topics (!!!) I really enjoyed his company and realised that he and I don't get to spend all that much time on our own together these days. It was lovely. We got back home and I baked Lavender Shortbread - I had saved some lavender from last year and had been infusing it in sugar. It was delicious.
You may have noticed - as did the hubby on his return from work - that not much housework has taken place here this weekend. I did point out, and this is a little known fact, that it is actually against the law to do housework on sunny weekends. Well it is in my world anyway.

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driftwood said...

I agree it's should be against the law to do housework on sunny weekend, even sunny midweek days! If you bought that gorgeous but tiny beach hut in St Ives it wouldnt need much cleaning!
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