Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bestowed with gifts and freebies

One of the side effects of blogging, and something I hadn't realised would happen, is that you sometimes receive lovely things through the post from bloggy mates. The lovely Lisa recently sent me a perfect little heart shaped white stone that her family had found on a beach, and a buttony heart that she had made just for me. Many thanks Lisa, these were totally unexpected and made my heart sing when I opened both packages.
And then Collette in a moment of madness decided to give away hundreds of hexagons because she was overwhelmed by the amount of projects she had on the go. So they found their way to my house!! That'll keep me out of mischief over the winter! She also sent me a fabulous red felted heart (modelled in a previous post). Many thanks Collette
Hubby and I went for a walk this evening and gathered a few Damsons. Last year I made Damson Chutney ( a Delia recipe from the tinter), but I made so much, that in spite of giving jars and jars away as presents, I still have loads left. So this year I am going to make Damson Gin (as well as Sloe Gin). If you find me "slurming my worms" you'll know why!

We also risked wasps, nettles and brambles to gather some more blackberries for the freezer. I remembered a poem my Grandma taught me:
In the Hedgerow, plump and sweet,
Blackberries ripen and ready to eat.
The Nightshade berries are ripening too,
But DON'T eat those whatever you do!!

I was inspired by Nina to have a go at Blackberry liqueur - its almost ready!

Ive been really lucky and bagsy'd free tickets for myself and a few friends to see a free preview screening of "Julie & Julia" before it is released. I don't know if any of you have ever used but it is excellent for getting to see films before most people have even heard of them (we saw Slumdog Millionaire 7 weeks before it was released!). You print your own ticket so you don't' have to queue and they just show the film - no annoying adverts. Films usually start at 6.30pm. And its totally FREE!
We don't get much time to watch TV at our house, but lately I have been loving:
* the Gryff Rhys Jones "Rivers" series - so so interesting.
* The new series of Coast - always fascinating.
* Jam and Jerusalem - so funny and touching and perfect for Sunday evenings
* Who Do You Think You Are - Kim Cattrell came across as so lovely and the story was so moving. I bet the family up in the north east nearly died when they found out the truth.
Many thanks to all who continue to leave me such lovely comments. I really do appreciate each and every one. And a continued thanks to all you gifted and talented and clever people for providing me with inspiration. xxxxx


Susie's country cottage said...

Oooh I love the damsons. I'm going to attempt to make some sloe or damons gin this year too. I've never made it before but I'm getting my empty gin bottles ready to decant...hic. I love the heart shaped stone.

Cal said...

That blackberry liqueur sounds great. And thanks for the link for the cinema - great. I will be going to see Julia and Julia when it's out. You must have quite a collection of hearts now! xxx

Pomona said...

The brambles on our lane are ripening fast - I think I must get moving, too!

Pomona x

menopausalmusing said...

Slurm your words love, slurm them...... we wont think any less of you! (ha! ha!.... loved it!!!!) x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Hiccup!! I'm just sipping some liqueur whilst catching up on the lovely goings on in 'Blog Land' mmmmmmm - blackberry liqueur, it is 'very' good stuff!!

Have a lovely evening and what fab pressies.

Nina x

Colette said...

Just glad someone could make use of them. My grandad cam up to look at my poly tunnel and reminded me that his Damson tree is ready and to go and help myself, Home made Damson gin for everyone for Christmas I think!!

Take care

Rosie said...

Well, you've been watching the same TV programmes as us as we've enjoyed all of those too! The damsons and blackberries look wonderful - I haven't seen many damsons around here this year, I missed the greengages too. What lovely presents you had through the post:)


Yum Yum - can I come to yours and help you with the Damson gin and the blackberry liqueur ... then I won't notice when your slurming your worms ...

Michela said...

..You're such a nice person, that's why bloggers send you lovely pressies!
P.S.Thank you so much for appreciating "my" recipes!

Lyn said...

Wow what a long post! You deserve the lovely gifts Diane. I too have enjoyed all the programmes you mentioned, will you be watching Wuthering Heights this Bank Holiday?

BadPenny said...

I made sloe gin a year or so back & still haven't sampled it ! Love watching coast...we always live near one as hubby is an old sea dog ! Love your Blog

lesley said...

Hello Diane,
I enjoyed reading your blog, as always, it's got me thinking about getting into the berry making stuff!!
Baz loves sloe gin, trouble is once he's made it, he can't wait to try it the son is the same!! lol

elsy said...

hi diane........can you hear me laughing all the way up north? When i read your profile after receiving your lovely message, it was practically the one i would have written for myself(apart from Donny and Barry) if i had taken the time. Are we related do you think, separated at birth. Its the age, days out with husbands,the martha reference to job, i was in cromer when the ladybirds swarmed, what else, i love to sew, crochet, drive my kids all over, france, blogworld .....but havent had the st ives experience yet. will very much enjoy having you in my life! (through your great blog of course) ella x

Lisa said...

I've never tried gin, let alone sloe gin, but that it always sounds so delish whenever I read about it. I wonder what it is that makes it sound so tempting?
Lisa x

noelle said...

wow you lucky thing, lovely pressies! Damsons look great and i have a freezer full of blackberries. Haven't posted all week, been house and cat sitting again. Have promised a giveaway on the next post, i think a little house maybe! x x xx noelle