Saturday 10 October 2009

Cucumber Pickle

I arrived home on Wednesday to find 4 Cucumbers on my back doorstep - courtesy of my Dad most likely.

So with inspiration from here and recipe from here, last night I produced several jars of very tasty Cucumber pickle......
and a very stinky kitchen!!
For those who asked, the Garden Centre in my previous post was Wentworth Garden Centre which is always well worth a visit for the gardens, coffee and cake alone!! If you visit on a Sunday, you can also pay a visit to Wingham Woolwork. Divine!!


Lisa said...

How very industrious of you! My 2 love cucumber, always have some in their school packed lunch and such an easy way to get them one of their 5 a day.
Enjoy the weekend.
Lisa x

cottonreel said...

When young we always had this on the table with roast beef--------------cottonreel

Michela said...

I love to have fresh cucumbers, but can't bear vegetables pickle!
Can I come around with my Swiffer??! ;-)

Beki said...

Oooh, spares? Yes please feel free to throw this way :)!
I can't make up my mind if I like the idea of cucumber pickle or not, I think sounds nice!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Beki xxx

menopausalmusing said...

I've never had it, but would love to try it! :O)

Rosie said...

Your pickle looks a wonderful colour! When I made some last week the kitchen smelt of vinegar and onions for ages:)