Friday 2 October 2009

Pay it Forward

A few weeks back I joined Lyn's "Pay it Forward". I think the way it works is that Lyn now has to send me a homemade gift. In return, I need 3 volunteers to join mine, and I send you each a homemade gift, then you post the "Pay it Forward" on your blog - and so the thud of parcels containing beautiful gifts continue to land on doorsteps across the land. I have to limit this to the first three volunteers, so hurry hurry hurry!! By the way - I must say that Lyn has the longest list of "Blogs I read" that I have ever seen - It makes me laugh everytime I see it!!!

I am really pleased to say that I have also won a truly spectacular giveaway from Michela - our little ray of Venetian sunlight. Michela's mum has a very generous, but unimaginitive boss who appears to buy her a bottle of the same perfume - albeit Chanel! - every year. Well Ive only gone and won one!! Hurray!!! Now I just have to keep it a secret from the Dancing Queen as anything decent I get mysteriously ends up in her bedroom!!. Talking of which - she's bring several of her friends home for a sleepover tonight. I thought they stopped doing things like this when they were 12?!! So I have to find somewhere for them all to sleep, and I'm planning a "Pammy's Full English" (Gavin and Stacey fans will understand!) for the morning. I am accused on a regular basis of being a cross between Gwen (I do make a cracking omlette) and Pamelarrrr. I can see what they mean!!!!!
Have a great weekend - I'm looking forward to the new series of Jane Austins "Emma" on Sunday. I do love a good BBC adaptation of a dark Sunday evening !! - and don't forget to sign up to the once in a lifetime offer that is my PIF!!
Edited to add that you have 12 months to send your homemade gift off. xxx


andamento said...

Looks like I may be one of the first 3! How long do we have! If we have at least 6 months I'd definitely be interested, if it needs to be done before Christmas than count me out as I'm already commiting to too many things!

Those are fantastic rowan berry clusters by the way!

Diane said...

Hi Andamento - You have 12 months to send your gift off - so I'll count you as numero uno!! The berries were ion a tree on our previous 13 mile walk - I thought that they looked stunning.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Diane
Firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment!
I would happily take part in your Pay it Forward if possible, and I'm relieved to see it doesn't need to happen before Christmas! :-)
You asked about the campsite in my picture - it is in Cornwall (your favourite place!) and it is in Portscatho. We go there each year. If you scroll back to June in my post list you'll find a post all about our visit there.
Have a lovely weekend, Congrats on winning the giveaway!
Denise x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oops back again!
I meant to say, that you and I have a number of points in common on our profiles! Not least, Donny was my musical hero back in the days!
D x

Diane said...

Many thanks Ms Bun. You can indeed be number 2. Donny is still gorgeous.

Lyn said...

Donny wins hands down!
I love my blogs Diane, always reading them, must do some housework at some point though-or will end up looking like Miss Haversham!
Good luck with your PIF, I know what ever you make for your three first takers will be in for some beautifully handmade goodies!

Lisa said...

Congrats on winning the perfume in Michaela's giveaway.
I like the new photo!
Lisa x

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I have been procrastinating about joining your pay-it-forward idea as I am not really very crafty but I have bitten the bullet and if you still have a place I would be pleased to join in. I think I may live to regret this as I can see myself stressing over what to send but I suppose sometimes you need to leap before you look :)

ps. congrats on the perfume you lucky duck!

Michela said...

Ciao bella ragazza!
When did you change your picture? Before of after my e-mail?! Maybe I was too tired last night when I read your post and didn't notice it! I can't believe how quickly you've found your 3 PIF partners!

Rosie said...

Congratulations on winning Michela's super giveaway - hope the DQ's sleepover went well. I'm looking forward to Emma too and like you love a good BBC costume drama on a Sunday evening:)

Diane said...

Yay!! Ive found my 3 PIF victims!!! Don't stress too much Gillian - once you have seen the standard of workmanship in my gift to you, you will realise that the bar is not very high!!! Thank you to you all for joining in and making my life easy!! Michela - I changed it after your email (after you said I looked "old" in my other photo!!) xxx

Colette said...

It is a pretty nice new photo! I worked the other night with a girl I went to school with. She said she tells everyone she is 34 (not nearly 37!) I said how lucky she was as she doesn't even have a wrinkle on her face and and then look at me! (her reply!!!!)
Well I should because I smoke.
(my reply) well I don't drink or smoke so I can't use that excuse.
Then her reply (which I didn't really know how to take) Was that I had always looked old even at primary school, so it was bound to be that I would carry on looking older then I actually was.

Hence why there is only a photo of a poppy on my blog!!

Still, life is too short to worry!! And I don't think you even look 50!

Well don with your PIF. Sorry this is such a long comment!!