Saturday 15 October 2011

Heartshaped Inc Update

Its been like a sweatshop in the heartshaped house lately as I try and build up stock for my forthcoming stall at the Christmas shopping event in Sprotbough (details at the end of the post).
I have made a fair few bags. I love this Clarke & Clarke Beach hut fabric which I have lined with denim and added a pin featuring a postcard charm.

I also lined this lovely autumnal cord bag with denim and added a Suffolk puff brooch with a shell button.
This is currently one of my favourites. A beautiful Italian suiting fabric, lines with Liberty fabric with a vintage brooch.
Stunning Flannel - made locally still in Huddersfield with a ribbon tie and a vintage bow brooch.
The addition of vintage brooches or hand made pins etc makes each one an individual piece.
A beautiful Huddersfield produces tweed lined with Italian silk and vintage brooch.
I have also made a few summer bags as I love this American glamour girl fabric and I have used the patchwork that I made earlier in the year too.
I have been searching for lovely beads to make earrings and working on my packaging.

And I have been beading the centres of my Rose Corsages.

I thought I might take along some of my patchwork cards to (featuring vintage Liberty, Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston prints)
A big dilemma I have is one that I know crops up time and time again with crafters - how much to charge. I am hoping to keep the bags well under £10 (possibly £6 for the smaller ones and £8 for the larger ones). £3 for the earrings and corsages and £1 for the cards. What do you think?

The shopping event will be held at Sprotborough Country Club on Wednesday 16th November at 7.30pm. I will let you have more details when I have them, but as usual, I hope you can come along and say "Hi".


Selfsewn said...

Hi Diane
I remember when I did a christmas stall, it's a bit like eat pray sew isnt!

You have been so busy!
I think it's a good idea to have a range of prices.
But you do want to sell things so you could take offers within reason.

Have a great weekend!

greenthumb said...

Wow looks like you have been so busy, I never think you make your money back when you craft,don't sell your self short.

Sue said...

I think if you charge those prices you will probably sell everything, and so you should as it's all lovely. It's a difficult question. Unless you're a terrifically fast sewer though, I imagine you're only covering your costs, as those bags would take me an hour at least to make, for which a full-time maker should pay themselves at least £10 if they are running a sustainable business. Not to mention time spent acquiring fabric and notions and designing/creating packaging, cost of travel to craft fair, cost of table etc. I know you're not doing it as a business concern, but there will probably be people there who are - and who won't be able to compete with your prices. Not easy... I have given up craft fairs partly for this reason. Good luck with it all.

Deborah said...

You've made some gorgeous things, love them all, the packaging is pretty aswell using luggage labels :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Lx @ Twelve said...

They all look so lovely, you are such a clever lady...

I think the bags shouldn't come in much under £10, as i know I'd probably pay more in a shop & be jut as delighted to own one...they look lovely & I think the other prices are more than reasonable..

Make sure you earn enough pennies to treat yourself!


Shortbread and Ginger said...

Everything looks great - good luck at the craft fair.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Elizabethd said...

Lovely things. Dont price too low, you can always come down if necessary. The bags must be worth £10, surely?

Kathy said...

Your prices seem very reasonable for such lovely items. Pricing seems to be a real problem with everyone who sells crafts. It's hard to find the right level! Just make sure you get enough back to cover your costs ... don't be out of pocket!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow you have been busy!

Like others have said, make sure you cover your costs with your pricing.

**Anne** said...

You have made some beautiful things and I love the cards you hang your earrings on. The presentation is fabulous.
Good luck with your stall,
Anne xx

Lisa said...

The packaging for your pretties is really good. I agree with all the other comments regarding prices.
Love the extra touches on the bags.
Lisa x

Jennyff said...

Lovely stuff and I agree with the other comments that you are perfectly entitled to charge a decent price for your work. I know some shoppers except that items sold at markets etc will be a massive bargain but any handcrafted item has a value, don't sell yourself short.

Gilly said...

Oh my gosh, Diane, you have been busy!!

As to pricing, can you find out who the fair is slanted towards? If it is at a Country Club, would that give a hint? You need to price to what you think those going to the Fair will pay - I know that sounds obvious, but one held that seems more like a jumble sale will have to have cheaper prices than one for the up-market visitors.

Sorry If am not putting this clearly, but I hope you get my drift!

But your stuff looks so lovely, I could buy it all myself!

Jo said...

What gorgeous things you've made. I love the idea that each of your bags is unique with it's accessories. Pricing always seems to cause problems for crafters. I'm sure you'll sell everything at the prices you've listed.

Lyn said...

All looking great Diane, ( I have one of your lovely rose corsages- so lucky me!)
The bags workshop came in handy didn't it?

Anonymous said...

I've just made bathroom curtains with the beach hut material. I was hoping I had some leftovers, but sadly, it's not to be.


Jackie, Erik, Jake, Drew said...

My oh my, you have been a busy bee! It all looks lovely. May I give a suggestion? I think if you stuff the bags with (obviously not dirty newspaper) paper or left over fabrics (or newspaper in a plastic bag, then when you sell one you quickly pull the bag out) to make them bulkier, then it shows the bag off more. Not too full as you need to see the beautiful inside! Good luck, I'm sure your stall will be buzzy with ladies! xx