Sunday 15 April 2012

The Book or the Film?

Or both and for free!!!!

Hubby and I went to see the film "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" this morning for free - courtesy of See Film First via Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert website. I was thrilled when we got to the cinema to discover that we also received the book of the film for free too! Brilliant!
The film (due for release on the 20th April in the UK) is wonderful - go see it, you will just love it. Its sort of a romantic comedy with a totally feel good factor attached. All the actors play brilliant parts, the styling and scenery is draw dropping and Ewan McGregor is just divine. Kristin Scott Thomas is my new role model! I aim to look like her by Christmas!
The audience loved it too - there were a lot of laugh out loud moments. I'll be letting you know how the book compares.

The screening was at 10.30am, and so afterwards we decided to treat ourselves to brunch.
One of my fave little cafes is 22a on Norfolk Row in Sheffield. Hubby chose the Potato Rosti topped with bacon, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes, whilst I picked the cheese and onion toastie with a cup of home made potato and leek soup - both delish.
I savoured my cheese toastie as I am starting a "diet" of sorts tomorrow for 2 weeks (i'll be telling you but not boring you - dieters are the dullest people on the planet!) and there is no wheat or dairy on it.


Jo said...

I've seen the film advertised but didn't know if I fancied it or not. How lovely to get the book to read for free too. I'll have what your hubby's having please, especially since I haven't been too good just lately on my healthy eating plan, blog post to follow.

Lyn said...

I didn't take much notice of this film but now I want to go and see it. Of course it will be about four weeks after it opens in the main cinema.
thanks....I need to lose some weight so will follow you with interest!

John Going Gently said...

scott-Thomas is a real peach isnt she?
almost as good as your Brunch!

Lisa said...

I like a good romantic comedy, with EM in it that's a good bonus.
Lisa x

diane b said...

That sounds a super film and free to boot. I like Ewan McGregor. I will be looking out for it coming here. Did you see "The most exotic Marigold Hotel"?? We loved that one. The Rosti lunch looks delicious. TOH like cooking Swiss Rosti. Good luck with the diet. I have been trying to lose 3 kilo since last holiday in October but still can't get rid of the last kilo.

Rowan said...

Sounds a good film, I've seen it advertised on TV. Good luck with the dieting.

Rosie said...

Sounds like a good film and totally different to what I thought the book might be about - I wonder which you will enjoy the most? I always enjoy films with either of those two actors in. Good luck with the diet:)

Anonymous said...

I read the book ages ago and loved it.

Mac n' Janet said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I gave the book to my husband for Christmas and he liked it a lot.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Very interesting to read your opinion of this film Diane, might go to see it when it comes to St Ives.

The brunch looks so delicious - I could eat both choices, right now..... x

Lynne said...

Wife of a fisherman - trout, not salmon as yet! The title appealed, and then I saw Ewan McGreogor on TV and he made the film sound so interesting I vowed we must go and see it. You have whetted my appetite even more now - and not just for the film! How cruel to post those mouth-watering piccies, especially as I too am embarking on one of those {{{{{{diets}}}}}} myself!

Just found your blog - enjoyed it, I'll be back!