Saturday 3 November 2012

Sunny City Walk

I took hubby into Sheffield today as he has been going stir crazy indoors - he is a very impatient patient!  We had a visit to the Graves Art Gallery to see the Warhol exhibition - it was very thought provoking and really interesting.

 I also wanted to see the Damien Hirst piece loaned by Jarvis Cocker to his home city.  The piece is entitled Beautiful Morana Dysgeusia Painting for Jarvis (with Diamonds).  I wasn't allowed to photograph it, but if you click on the link you can see it.  It is very beautiful in real life.

 We took a small wander around the city centre before heading for lunch.
 On the hour, the cutlery grinders come out and sharpen their knives in the middle of Orchard Square.
 It was a beautiful afternoon for a wander around.  I thought the light looked lovely on the city hall.

 I nipped in to take a photograph of the ceiling in the foyer for you too.
 These old buildings still stand slap bang in the shopping district.  They are earmarked to be demolished when the brand new shopping centre finally gets built (if it ever does!)  This building used to house "finishers" for the cutlery industry - I hope that they save the sign over the door.
 Some of the older buildings in the "Silversmiths" district of the city have been restored and some reused.  I know that this company still exists, but I don't know of they still use this building.

 The floral borders and roundabouts have just about finished blooming now.  They have been lovely thoughout the year.

 I love a walk around the city centre.  But the invalid was soon tired today, so we made our way for a sit down and something to eat.  I'll show you where we went later.


Lyn said...

Beautiful photos Diane, must go to Sheffield again soon. Hope him in doors is back to full fitness soon. Xxx

Curtise said...

Did you see me? I was in town today too! And at City Hall, buying our Elvis Costello tickets (yippee!)
Sometimes I forget how great Sheffield city centre is, it's that over-familiarity thing, but I love it really, and your photos are a great reminder of what a fab place this is to live.
Hope The Invalid feels better soon! xxxxx

Rebecca said...

Ahh, I was working at the Graves today.... I didn't see you! Glad you enjoyed the Andy Warhol & Damien Hirst! Lovely photos, we have some beautiful buildings here in Sheffield! xx

greenthumb said...

A lovely group of photos, look like fun.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Sorry to hear he's still feeling poorly.
Have a lovely Sunday, it's raining here, I think I'm going to update my blog :)

Rosie said...

What a lovely walk, glad you enjoyed the exhibitions. Do hope your 'impatient patient' is feeling a little better each day:)

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Your posts have really opened my eyes to what is on offer in Sheffield. Really must get there some time. Wish redevelopers would incorporate some of our old and characterful buildings into their mostly bland new developments instead of demolishing our history! (Sorry, rant over!)
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Victoria said...

There are so many old run down buildings in Sheffield that are too good to be demolished! I love places with old signs and writing on the bricks.

Great pics as usual!

John Going Gently said...

ah the city hall ceiling

Jan said...

Glad to hear that your husband is starting to feel a bit better.

Louise said...

We've just come home after a few days in Sheffield. We were in town on Saturday and considered visiting the Graves Gallery but didn't go. I wondered if I might bump into you while we were there but it was so busy I'd never have spotted you if we had been in the same area at the same time!

I didn't know your husband was unwell, hope he is better soon.

Mister D said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Damian Hirst must have walked straight past it :-)

Lisa said...

You've got to love Jarvis!
Glad Mr H felt well enough to want to get out and about a little.
Lisa x