Monday, 22 September 2014

Love on a mountain top!

When we first joined our walking group, they casually mentioned that they had an annual jaunt to Caernarfon to climb Mount Snowdon.  I thought that sounded a grand weekend.  Our leaders sister is one of my old school friends and lives in Caernarfon so I thought that whilst hubby walked the mountain, I could catch up with my pal and she would show me the town and we all might have a jolly time.

 But somehow, and I still don't really know it happened, I was conned into participating in the climb.
 So that is how a week after my 55th birthday, I found myself climbing my first mountain!!!!

 We climbed up taking the Miners Track which had a decent path for most of the way, but had 2 or 3 worring places where I had to literally "climb" and scramble - I wasn't overly keen on these bits, but with a bit of pushing from behind, and pulling from above, I made it!

 It was a truly tremendous feeling to reach the summit
 And I was amazed to find these chaps who had walked up earlier, and were now changing into best bib and tucker - awaiting the bride to be and the rest of the bridal party to arrive on the train.
 Here she is!!  What an amazing place to tie the knot!   I sat and watched the ceremony.
 The view from the top is stunning ....... I am told, but on Saturday, we could only see a few yards!!  Such a shame.  The walking group say I have to keep climbing until I get the view!!
 And then it was time to descend - down Llanberis path.  Whilst this was a better path, it really tested my short legs!

It's amazing what you can achieve when others have more faith in you than you do yourself!!!  Joining the walking group has been a great move for us this year.


John Going Gently said...

Love the arse shot
Nice buns

Curtise said...

What a climb - well done, Diane! I don't like it when walking turns into scrambling or climbing either... A bit of a shame that the view was obscured once you got to the top, but there were obviously some gorgeous sights along the way. And I don't mean the chap in his undies! Yes, you'll just have to do it again to see the view from the summit. xxx

Lynn said...

We were there last week ~ well done walking~ we cheated!

Jacquie said...

Well Done Diane....I'd love to climb a mountain one day and you have inspired me.
So nice to see a wedding at the top to make up for the lack of a view.
Hope it's clear next time :0)
Jacquie x

Lyn said...

Well done maybe I will walk up AND down next time....we were lucky enough to see the view, once you really must try and catch it if you can.
I agree what a unique place to get married!

Rosie said...

Well done, Diane, I'm full of admiration for your achievement you must be so pleased that you did it. We were lazy and went up on the train but the views were stunning - worth going back for:)

Amy at love made my home said...

Well done to you!! I already know that this is a huge climb and very difficult and what the weather was like on this day, not because I was there, but because I just read about it on Rachel's blog! She climbed on the same day as you!!!! How unlikely is that. I wonder if you met and never realised that you were both bloggers, or if you totally missed each other. Rachel's blog is at

Congratulations! xx

Vintage Jane said...

Well done you. It is something my hubby is desperate to do and you have made me feel I can do it too! M x

RhymesWithCakes said...

Amy has linked me to your blog, I was there on Saturday too and I saw the end of the wedding! How strange to think we must have been within meters of each other.

Your climb seemed much clearer on the miners track. We were in thick cloud on the Llanberis path almost from the outset.

If is a fantastic achievement, well done to us!

Mac n' Janet said...

I'm impressed, I don't do hills or mountains, I'm a bog lady and do my walking on flat land only. Plus I'm scared to death of heights.

Lisa said...

What an incredible achievement! I bet you were so chuffed to have done that, and you got to see a man in his pants!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I was born on a Welsh mountain and try to avoid them now, at all costs.

I bet that bride was glad of the fur wrap.